Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changing faces

I have changed my SL profile picture.  Of course, very possibly the readership-at-very-small knows this already, since an event of this epochal importance is automatically announced via my profile feed.  (The same would apply were I ever to change, or indeed use, a Display Name.)  Some people, the real enthusiasts for Facebook and Twitter and their ilk, wax lyrical over these sorts of little details, imagining a world of ultra-connected social media in which everyone is announcing everything cool or interesting that happens to them, all the time.  I remain unconvinced.  In a world where everyone is talking all the time, who will have time to listen?

Anyway.  This is, in fact, the third profile picture I've had in all my SL career.  The first one, I put up simply to avoid having that dreadful grey silhouette facing me whenever I looked.  It was OK, I thought, but when I tweaked my face to remove some bugs, I thought I'd better put the new face where people could see it (even though I'd spent quite a bit of effort and ingenuity making it as much like the old one as possible, apart from not having the bugs).  I thought the second one was OK, too, though it did prompt one of my friends to IM me and say "Hello, Ellen"....  However.  I have settled on a pair of eyes I like, and am slowly updating my outfits to use them, so I decided a new profile pic was indicated.  Hopefully, too, it looks a bit less butch.  Ellen, indeed.

I suppose, really, the profile pic ought to say something about me, but I'm blowed if I can think what, other than "I'm Glorf and this is what I look like".  So, there it is.  That is what I look like....

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