Friday, May 18, 2012

They seek her here, they seek her there...

No, not the Scarlet Pimpernel... think Kinks, instead.

I have been fiddling about with potential outfits for an Ashraya Project photoshoot, as I mentioned a couple of posts back....  This fashion thing is hard work, really, isn't it?  I thought the only effort involved would be in opening the boxes and deciding what to wear, but deciding what goes with what to construct the look we want for a shot (Tali is doing the photography.  I pose, she goes off into RL and works her digital alchemy via PhotoShop, and eventually I see the results.  Which, so far, are distinctly interesting.  But I digress) is not as easy as it sounds.

I suppose, really, this is bleed-through from RL... I do not get to be glamorous in RL!  And, since SL-me mostly looks good without effort, I tend to coast along on that... so, working out exactly how to fit together makeup and hair and clothing for the best effect, rather than just a good-enough effect, is more of a challenge than I expected.

Still, I progress, I think.  And at least my evil hunting habit is paying off, in that I know lots of places where I can get gear I want, if I don't have it.  Last night involved a trip out to Gugu Dada for specialist lipstick.  In RL, I don't even wear lipstick, not more than once in a blue moon, anyway.  Normally I just smack myself in the mouth instead.

So... At the very least, some interesting photos are on the cards.  (Evening gown from Azul, accessorized with an Alruneia Sentry cyber-fantasy helmet and visor, anyone?)


  1. You had me raising my eyebrows at "gown from Azul", but then I got to "cyber fantasy helmet and visor".

    Yep, that's Glorf. Whew.

    By the way, for some nice makeups, see Mock cosmetics. They have "full makeover" tatts that do your lips, eyes and cheeks all at once, or you can get separate lipsticks, eye shadows, and blush. They're retiring a number of their items, and those are marked way down. But even their new releases are reasonable, especially compared to what a full skin would cost.

    And stop smacking yourself in the mouth! Geeze.

    1. Hee, I have some nice formal gowns! Martini Discovolante recommended Nonna Hedges's Detail Designs to me, and I have some lovely evening dresses from there... and then there was that one from Lady Thera that I wore to the Founder's Day Ball.

      Makeup tatts are a major boon, but I have found that, with too many things on the tattoo layer, there is a terrible risk of bake fails that leave my entire head as a horrible blank deathmask. So, I am experimenting cautiously with those! I picked up a fair range of stuff very cheaply from Glamorize, but not all of it is useful... I would recommend Gugu Dada for lipsticks, I really would... 22769 and Lovely Mi do some interesting speciality makeups; I'm not sure I'd use them often, but I have space for the occasional way-out thing!