Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today I are been mostly wearing...

Developments aplenty in my personal SL, but it is not quite time to disclose them all yet... so, in the meantime, and in lieu of any more rants about TPV policy, here is the outfit I wore to the Founder's Day Ball.

Dress, "Tango" from Lady Thera; stiletto pumps from MEB; jewelry from Lazuri; hair, an old standby, "Carolina Jasmine" from Calla; skin from Obsidian's "Truth" line, with body shine from DeVicious and tattoo makeup from Glamorize; eyes, a custom job given me by an ex; AO, "Cassie" from Maldita (no longer around, I think, which is a shame, if so); physics package (not visible in this still shot, but trust me, it's effective) of my own design.  I think that's the lot.  This SL fashionista thing is hard work, isn't it?  Don't think I'll be doing much more of this!

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