Sunday, February 19, 2012

Literary Inspiration

Although I've already fallen short of my (admittedly over-optimistic) goal of having a new product ready every week, I do have some irons in the fire, there.  I've managed to sculpt some reasonably decent candle-holders, and am planning, naturally enough, to put candles in them; these, however, will be spooky candles, that glimmer palely in an encroaching gloom.  I can guarantee the encroaching gloom, on account of the candle-holders will be emitting black light at the highest reasonable intensity.

By black light, of course, I don't mean ultra-violet, I mean they will be emitting light that is coloured black, and hence will provide that encroaching gloom whereof I speak.  Milton's hellish tower, from which flamed "not Light, but rather Darkness Visible" is an entirely practical proposition in SL, I do assure you.

Some other literary-flavoured projects are under way; another gizmo from the Carnacki stories is in the planning stages, as is a gadget inspired by one of the "Father Brown" stories I've been reading to my mother.  Sometimes it is helpful to be au fait with geriatric literature, like I am.  Not often.  But sometimes.

Constructing a full-scale replica of Milton's Hell, or even Carnacki's "Haunted Jarvee", though, might have to wait until I have more time and prims to play with.

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