Monday, February 6, 2012

Open for business!

The little shop in Steam SkyCity is finally done.  Mr. Alastair Whybrow had the dubioussignal honour of being my first (and so far only) customer; to be honest, I am not expecting any great rush!

Between that, though, and this thing, I am feeling more involved with SL, all of a sudden.  Flogging and blogging, evidently that's what it's all about.  (I mean flogging as slang for selling things, of course, I'm not talking about... well, never mind that.)

I suppose I should be all commercial and put out a SLURL ... and I should say something about the stuff I've put out.  Let's see...

There is the reduced-impact Lightweight Hall I talked about a couple of blog posts ago.

There are two packs of sculpt maps - one for laboratory glassware, one for drinking glasses; I suppose it's best not to get the two mixed up.

There are three freebie items, which most of my friends and acquaintances will have seen before, in my Christmas giveaways if nowhere else.  There's a scripted Oil Lamp with three light settings (four if you count "off"); there's the Confrontational Hexapod which suddenly appears to scare off visitors when you walk into his range; there's the Cavorite Personal Levitator, a steampunky backpack with a simple built-in flight assist.

If the free Confrontational Hexapod doesn't scare people off, his big brother the Slumbering Guardian Heptapod is now up for sale.  This one is bigger, and wakes up to wave his tentacles and throw Linden damage prims at you when you trigger his sensor.  If you prefer tentacle monsters smaller, friendlier, and sitting on your shoulder, there's always the Cthuddly Pet, which I think a lot of people have seen before, too.

There is plenty of weird lab equipment for a weird lab; an Experimental Aetheric Power Supply to power it, an Infallible Divinatory Sphere to provide advice, an Electric Pentacle to protect you if you brew up something nasty, and of course a big red button marked Do Not Press which you should absolutely not press under any circumstances.

If you still haven't seen off any intruders with the tentacle monsters, you can try to hypnotize them with the colourful Hypnochromatidromeon, or zap them with the (arguably) deadly Grindell-Matthews Death Ray - though the hand-held Elephant Gun might prove more effective (use only the elephants provided with the gun).

Or if you don't mind visitors, there is a Radio Cooker with which to feed them, a Drinks Dispensing Decanter for liquid refreshment, and an Antigravity Stool for them to sit on.  If they want to announce themselves in a civilized fashion, there are Doorbells for them to ring, too.

Finally, a couple of personal attachments; the Momentary Lightbulb (which also appeared in a previous blog post, I'm such a huckster) and the Mk XIII Aetheradaptive Backpack with its multiple functions, some of them sensible.

So there we are.  Commercialism.  I guess, if I'm going to maintain any sort of momentum, I will have to come up with new gadgets to add.  Actually, that's fine - the shop may provide me with an incentive to complete some projects and/or experiment with learning new stuff, and both of those are Good Things.  I'm not expecting to get rich off this thing - I'll be surprised if it even pays its way, to be honest - but if it gets my lazy bum in gear to get creating, that will be quite enough.


  1. Congratulations on opening your store, Glorf! Does it have a name yet? Judging from the varied and somewhat dangerous content, may I suggest the following...
    -Knick Knackered
    -Glorf's Goodies
    -Edmund's Mad Scientific Supply Co.
    -Tentacles, Etc.
    -Glorf's Et Cetera Shoppe

    1. Thank you! I planned to call the place simply Glorf Bulmer Enterprises, but I was assured (by unimpeachable sources) that I needed a mythological patron for it...

      So I picked the goddess Hebe, and abbreviated the rest of it...

      So the store is known as Hebe GBE.