Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Linden Realms getting spicy?

A colleague who had better remain anonymous has described being complimented on (ahem) parts of his anatomy while visiting the Linden Realms game.

I've never been too enamoured of Linden Realms - it feels more like a technology demonstrator (for the teleportation and the temporary HUD attachments) than a serious effort at a game, or an SL environment.  In particular, I've never been too happy about the way it's touted as an introduction to SL.  Because it's not like SL at all.  You can't build in Linden Realms, you can't fly or point-to-point teleport - I, a mad scientist of some small standing in the community, am forced to run away from rampaging rock monsters like some ordinary prole who can't build death rays.  It's an outrage I tell you.

And, above all, there is this disembodied voice sending you on missions.  The thing that just about everybody asks when they get into SL is "So what do you actually do here?"  And finding a suitable (for you) answer to that question is one of the things you just have to do for yourself.  But not in Linden Realms, where you are told what you do in SL; you collect ten crystals, and you run up the mountain and then into the caves....

So.  No building, no flying, and clearly defined mission objectives.  Linden Realms is nothing like the real SL, and it's a mighty poor preparation for the real thing....

... or, at least, it was.  But if it's now full of robots telling people at random that they've got nice bums - ah, yes, that is more like the SL that I recognize.


  1. Surely a mad scientist of your calibre can figure out how to fly and teleport in LR. I suppose I should revisit the place, if I can get a little robotic ego-boo now.

    1. I guess the simplest thing to do would be to build an attachment vehicle - maybe with some sort of push-gun to fend off roving rock monsters.

      I know some people have been dashing around LR with Cutea Benelli's freebie chain-skaters from Grim Bros! - for that matter, I might be able to soup up my own flight pack to meet the case... I suppose, though, the question is, is it worth the effort? But, then, there might be fun to be had, in finding ways around Linden Realms's limitations....