Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In which I fail to rise to a challenge

Specifically, Adorkable Peapod's challenge to blog the opposite of what we normally blog.

Unfortunately, what I normally blog is pretty much any trivial thought that crosses what I laughingly refer to as my mind.  So, to do the opposite of that... well.  I could try to have a non-trivial thought, I suppose, but I'm not sure my little blonde brain is actually up to that challenge.  The alternative, I guess, is to blog about a thought that hasn't crossed my mind... umm... is that even possible?  I mean, when I write something down, anything at all - "The purple aardvark laughs at the singing brick," there, that's something - but did that cross my mind before I wrote it, or in the instant of articulating it, or what?  Does it even count as a thought if it doesn't mean anything?  I left my complete works of Wittgenstein in my other pants....

Aaaarrgh.  I'm just going to put a silly tag on this entry and hope for the best.

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