Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On to fresh projects!

Since everything that is up for sale in the little shop must now be assumed to be Definitely Finished (barring mistakes that need urgent fixing!), I have to go back to my collection of incompletely formed ideas and pick some that can be completed.

At the moment, I'm fiddling with a vehicle; I have not previously managed to build one of those before, except in Oxbridge classes under stringent supervision!  However, I have picked the brains of wiser people than myself, I have delved into the numerous online scripting resources, and I believe I can make a go of it.

This may, of course, take some time.  My first prototype could be seen, earlier today, on the waters under Steam SkyCity, wobbling alarmingly and going uncontrollably sideways, up to the point where it collided ignominiously with the CAT dock.  Never mind!  I'm sure I shall figure it all out in the end.  Watch this space.

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