Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silly steampunk outfit and scripts...

Got round to updating this outfit, which I used to wear quite often in the old days....

The backpack is scripted with several little whizzy things, the goggles have a complicated colour-and-texture-change system, the hat contains several features, including avatar radar and a gizmo for giving out free beer....  So, having updated the basics like eyes, skin and hair base, and added a physics package (my own homebrew, described eloquently in my inventory as "Glorf's jiggly bits (skirt safe bottom)", I hied me over to a script counter to see what the damage was.

Comfortably in the green zone... bit more script-y than I usually am (I generally have an AO, and I have not got round to changing my facelight for a non-scripted one, even though I never actually *use* any of its scripted features), but nothing too serious.  And yet, I have everything I need, and several things I don't usually bother with.

But if I'd worn one set of colour-changing shoes that I have, or any badly-scripted resizable hair - whoo boy!  My name would have been up in red on that particular sim, I can guarantee it.

There's possibly a moral here, about efficient scripting and the absolute need for resizer scripts at the very least to have a "delete" option in them....  But anyway.  Nice to have this old fave out of the wardrobe for once.

(And to anyone saying, "yes, well done on the scripts front, but what about the ARC/draw weight, Glorf?"... oh, shut up.   It's under a quarter of a million anyway.  I swear, some people are never satisfied.)

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