Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good fences make good neighbours

I've had surprisingly little of the angst and trouble which supposedly come with owning property on the Mainland.  My little plot in Kuhrang - well, it's not much, but it's in a fairly stable neighbourhood, and, while I'm not there often enough to get heavily involved with the social life on the sim, the contacts I have had with my neighbours have been generally pleasant.   Long may it continue, say I.

But, not all is sweetness and light - looking out of my window today, I caught a glimpse of something odd, cammed closer, and saw this:-

Baffled?  Well, there are a few things you can't see on that screen grab... like, for example, property lines.  Or the hovertext over the Union Jack box which reads "Get this bed off our land!"

Yes, it is an encroaching object... I'm not quite sure, though, what the story is, here.  The bed is almost completely covered by the box; I'd have to guess that the bit that isn't is the illuminated headboard, which is over the other side of the property line - and that that illuminated headboard contains the root prim, so the property owner can't just click on the thing and return it.  Why can't they talk directly to the other landowner, though, and get them to move or return it?  Or just AR it for encroachment?  Of course, I don't know why my neighbours do many of the things they do.  (I don't have a clue what those two square things are on the ground to the right, for example.  Or why anyone would want a sex bed out in the open air in Kuhrang, anyway.  It's a Snowlands sim, it looks chilly.  One of the nice things about having my bed indoors is so that I can snuggle up to a partner and think about how nice it is to be inside and warm, amid all that snow.  Also, my doctor has advised me to spend less time in parentheses.)

Anyway.  What does all this Drama portend?  Blessed if I know.


  1. At least it's not YOUR Drama, so you can sit back and enjoy the show!

  2. Hee! I won't have time, fortunately - *more* than enough going on in my own life just now.