Friday, February 3, 2012

More on commerce

Following on from my chat with Mr Whybrow and Miss Bluebird, I've taken some positive steps towards putting some things out for sale.  Once again (as with making clothing), I'm taking steps into an area of SL unfamiliar to me; once again, I'm impressed by the people who have made these steps before me, because it is darned hard work.

I mean, OK, all you need to do is put out an object, set it "for sale" and stick a price on it, right?... Well, no, not really.  First off, if you were to do that - particularly when your stock in trade is ornate and complicated steampunk gizmoes - your prim allowance would be eaten up even by the limited amount of stuff I've created so far.  So you have to box it up, which means putting some sort of picture on the box that will tell people what's in it... which means photographing all your products.  And you need to do things like checking the permissions on things, especially for devices which give away other items to all and sundry.  And you need some sort of explanatory text about how these things are supposed to work - it may be obvious to the person who made them, but it sure isn't obvious to everybody.  And, while you're at it, you need to decide on a general policy about how your store will operate, what permissions you'll set by default, how you intend to deal with customer complaints, and so forth.

And that's without even considering the pricing of items (where, after due deliberation, I have decided to follow the immemorial SL tradition of pulling a number out of my fundament.)  And right now I don't even want to think about SL Marketplace.

So it's a whole load of work.  I suppose it gets easier with practice, and it would be simpler to add items gradually to one's stock (if I could do, say, one a week, that would be a good thing, and an incentive to finish some of the incomplete projects I have hanging around.  I almost certainly won't manage it, though.)

Still... I progress.  Watch this space.

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