Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SL is twelve!

That's like 84 in people years.  (Internet years are like dog years, everyone knows that.)

And the birthday bash is on again.  I have been wandering around it for the past couple of evenings, in fact, seeing how far I can get before I crash.  Not very far, in some cases - in fact, a software conflict with another running application took me all the way out of the welcome area in SL12B Beguile and into a Blue Screen Of Death.  (Hadn't seen one of those on this machine.  The BSOD for Win8.1 is a much friendlier blue than it used to be.)

Beguile is impressive, but taxing on the client.  I crashed.  A guy was talking to me in a travel pod, and we crossed into Beguile, and, well, the sim crossing got him, like a sniper in 'Nam.  Tali TP'ed in to have a look at the place, and she was crashing out all the time, she was flickering on and off like she was in Morse code.  But... it is impressive.  I gather it's supposed to be a haunted train station or something, with a train crashing into it out of the sky.  Or something like that.

Photos.  I should have photos.  Wait a minute, I do have photos.  Let's see some.
Arriving at the arrival point

Helpful volunteer person in the train station

The train station has lots of information panels that I didn't read.

Anyway, we all know what goes on at SL birthday bashes, yes?  Lots of disparate builds creating high weirdness everywhere.

Here's me in the train station again, you can see the carriages going up into the sky.  I tried for a wider angle shot.  That was when I BSOD'ed.

High weirdness.  And lots of it.
This all happened last night.  I went around it tonight, again, and toured several different spots until I crashed.  But that may have to wait for another post.  I had some fun, anyway.  SL12B.  Get it while it's there, folks.

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