Sunday, June 21, 2015

Silk Road VI: Mountain Rose Mini-hunt

These things have become almost a Hunt tradition, trailing around first a purpose-built area and then the Mountain Rose Village shops, to pick up a huge haul of related buildings, d├ęcor and outfits.  The amount of sheer work that goes into them is amazing in itself.  Anyway.  This time around, the theme is Rome and Egypt, with an emphasis on Antony and Cleopatra, so let's have a look at the massive 26 items in this mini-hunt.   (Does it still qualify as "mini", at this point?)

First off, this collection of Amazonian campaign gear - sleeping cots, clothes chest, weapons.  All sound decorative stuff.

Architectural pieces - the Nile Bridge and the Egyptian Quay.

The Double Crown of Egypt!  Pros: symbol of absolute authority over both the Upper and the Lower Kingdoms, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cataracts of the Nile.  Cons: made my hair fall out.

Cleopatra's bedroom furniture.  Apart from a couple of opening doors and lids, not scripted, but highly decorative nonetheless.  Perhaps I shouldn't speculate as to what sort of scripts might be put in Cleopatra's bed.

Hanging Egyptian ceiling light (touch on/off).

Cleopatra's library furniture.  Essentially, walls covered with the ends of scrolls, plus a table and chair for working at. 

First pair of outfit sets.  "Amazonia" (worn) for the ladies, "Octavian" (visible on top of the box) for the gents.  These pairs of themed outfits, in a range of sizes for adult and child avatars, have been a feature of the Mountain Rose mini-hunts.

Balcony furniture; chaises-longues for Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and a selection of delicacies on a table.

Various Roman Legion Standards.  One of them is in the process of falling over, I don't know how clear that is, from this photo.  Probably not very.

Throne room furnishings.  Dais and carpet and pot plants.  There will be a throne along at some point later, don't worry.

Ignore the box in the foreground, and concentrate on the wicker baskets in the background.  These are Cobra Baskets, the one on the left containing a cobra which just lurks inside, the one on the right containing a cobra that goes for you when you open the lid.  You can make it out if you squint.  Night was falling in Burroughs, you see.

I said Cleopatra's Throne would be along, didn't I?  And here it is.

Next pair of outfits.  Hatshepsut for the ladies and Mark Antony for the gents.  Hatshepsut is kind of outside the Ptolemaic period, really, but we won't hold that against anyone.  You might be able to make out Mark Antony on the box lid, or you might not.  He's there, anyway.

Egyptian Fire Bowl.  Being on fire, this showed up at night.

Cleopatra's Needle, though, was just a vague silhouette, so I gave up the unequal struggle and set the sun to midday.  (Pity, because Tali worked really hard at Burroughs's lighting settings, and the nights especially can be magical.)

A decorative chariot and various swords and things for Hatshepsut and Mark Antony.

Octavian's tent and travelling furniture.  Octavian, as you can see, wasn't big on travelling light.  The tent is almost too big for Unpacking Isle, and there's a whole bunch of decorative furniture stuff inside it.

Ceremonial Crook and Flail with Beads.  More symbols of Pharaonic authority.

Campaign gear for the Amazonians, same sort of thing (though different in detail) from the Roman stuff we started out with.

Cleopatra Seductress outfit (Mark Antony in Long Robe for the gents.)  Just about concealing enough to post on the blog.  Mark Antony may be somewhat less seductive, but I bet he's warmer.

Stonking great fan.  Another flabellum (see Urid Dal's Hat Shop in a previous post).  My, we are doing well for flabella this Hunt, aren't we?  (I think that's the right nom. plu.  Probably shouldn't be nom. anyway.  Darn it.)

Cleopatra's Barge.  Goes both ways, apparently.  Dunno what that says about Cleopatra.

More Roman military equipment than could comfortably fit on Unpacking Isle.  There's a green and a purple Roman tent as well, but there wasn't room for them and this one and the chariot and the catapult.  The catapult, sadly, is purely decorative.

Queen Cleopatra outfit.  My, don't I look divine and regal and at the same time rather accessible?  The gents get an Egyptian Priest look.

Bastet Bookends.  I'm not sure how much use they are with all those scrolls, but they're pretty.

Finally, Cleopatra's Palace itself, in all its completely-obscuring-the-island glory.  Coalesced object, this, with several components including its own teleporters.  I'm not sure the historical Cleopatra actually had teleporters, but I'm sure she would have used them if she had the opportunity.

And that's the lot.  And that's quite a lot.  I have done full-fledged Hunts with fewer gift items than this.  For a mini-hunt, it is a quite amazing amount of work.

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