Saturday, June 20, 2015

Silk Road VI - big next slice

I'm trying to get this finished off in reasonable time, and, although there have been some drop-outs, there is still a lot to get through.  So, this is an extra-chunky instalment.  Be warned.
Starting off with this nice set of jade necklace and earrings from number 41, Designs by Sebastian.  There's a more manly version for the gents, too.

Number 42, An Lema, gives us this Silken Pleasures two-seater couch, and a Bamboo in Dragon Pot, which has been carefully positioned here so that you can't see what Silken Pleasures Tali and I are getting up to, there.

Necklace and ring from 43, !Never Ever!.  Again, there's a more butch version in the pack for the gents.

Hera Golden Staff (available both held in hand and slung on your back) from 44, Jinxed Toys and Magic.  There is an alternative version for petite-sized avies.  There is also a Golden Eagle Staff for gents (big and small), belonging to Zeus, only Jinxed has chosen to spell the King of the Gods as "Zues" for reasons of their own.  I would be worried about thunderbolts if I were them.

Straightforward, well-build, Pantheon from 45, Dragon Magic Wares.  We are doing very well for temples on this hunt.  It's in theme, you see.

This Asian Table from 46, Fairey Angel Creations, is maybe less in the Ancient Rome theme.  Whatever, it's still pretty nice.

Same comment applies, really, for this Hamsah Cinnabar Chest from number 47, The Vintage Touch.

This here is a Cake Fox Furniture Pillow Pile Tapestry.  It's from number 48, Cake Fox.  It has multiple sits and a HUD you can wear to set the colour of the carpet, but the really important thing is that it is not a CakeFoxFurniturePillowPileTapestry.  Yes, folks, Cake Fox's spacebar is all better now!  Yay! - Stop being facetious, Glorf.  This is a nice piece of Cake Fox Furniture, by anyone's standards.

Here's a Byzantine Private Chapel from number 49, Les Arts de Saint-Bruno.  Very authentic, comes with high-definition textures of mosaics, and even a crossing-yourself animation.  Unusual, detailed, and well-researched.

Laurel wreath (with a colour changing HUD) from number 50, bacidalucia.  Would work better if I'd worn a different hair, I think.

Egyptian Servant outfit from 51, Thistle Moon Designs.  Male version and "Toddledeedoo" version on the packs beside me.  Comes with a couple of different options and is generally well made.

Roman Garden Chair from number 52, Zoe's Garden.  We're doing pretty well for chairs, too.  Of course, there's only so many ways you can make a bisellium, and this is a fine example of the breed.

Another chair - a Golden Throne, in fact - from 53, Park Place Home Décor.  And a quality object upon which to park my skinny behind, to be sure.

 Here I am, sitting inside the Mesh Roman Garden Temple Seat from number 54, Aster's Builts.

Leaf plate from number 55, Keshiki Garden Center.  I panicked a bit over this one, because I rezzed it, and didn't see anything happen at first... and it's no-copy... but when I cammed in close, I could see a little bit of that stalk handle sticking out of the ground, and the rest of it (for some reason best known to SL) was underground.  Very odd.  There are actually three of these, in different sizes - this is the Large one, and after nearly losing that, I didn't risk the Medium and Small ones.

Number 56, Adelle Arts, gives us... more togas.  I think that template has been used for another one, earlier on the list.  Never mind, it's a good template to use.

I've rezzed this on the ground, but it's actually meant to be worn, as a shield, specifically the Shield Of The Last Centurion, from number 57, Eclectic Stars.  It's a good decorative or costuming piece.  I hope the Last Centurion is going to manage OK without it, though.

Boring old picture of a texture pack from number 58,  Virtual Textures.

"Treasure of Silk Road - Blue Nebula" necklace from number 59, Willow.

Resizeable rug from number 60, Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture.  I have a sneaking feeling I could carpet a good section of Burroughs with Resizeable Rugs from Arkenstone - they are regularly in Hunts, and have found a reliable formula to work with.  Rugs are good, anyway.  I approve of rugs.

Number 61 is one of the drop-outs, so we move on to number 62 - and then take a break.  So, finally, the Silk Roads Traveler outfit from Destiny's Designs - female version worn, male on the pack shot.  Very elegant, and a range of mesh dresses (fitmesh and "standard" sizes) to choose from.
Number 63 is missing, too, and that is the USC Texture Tomb, run by the normally completely reliable Eagle Wilder, so I just hope he is OK!  However, his absence means... that the next thing on my agenda is the epic maxi-mini-hunt from number 64, Mountain Rose.  This is always a lot of stuff, so I shall have to gird up my loins and tackle it forthwith.  If not fifthwith.

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