Thursday, June 18, 2015

Silk Road VI unpacking 3

I won't do the "Stenhousemuir 2 Queen of the South 4" joke this time.  I am getting painfully aware of how often I repeat my alleged witticisms.  Think up some new material, Glorf!

Anyway.  Next bunch of new material from the Hunt.

Let's start with a boring picture of a box - texture pack from number 31, Black Magnolia Imports.

Ah, now, these were fun.  Two "I wish I was a Roman statue" pose stands from 32, Lunar Seasonal Designs - one masculine pose, one feminine.  You "sit" on the pedestal thing and assume a rigid pose.  I got into the spirit of the thing and assumed a "Marble Statue" avatar I happened to have (from Adelle Arts, if you were wondering).  That, plus the "Helen" plain white toga from earlier unpacking, allowed me to appear appropriately... statuesque.

Still statue-ified and holding the Lost Scrolls of Herculaneum from number 33, Folklorica.  Thank goodness they weren't the Scrolls of Elephantis.  (Classicist in-joke.  Never mind.)

Roman bathing pool from 34, Timeless Décor.  Room for four bathers in a variety of poses controlled by those pot plants in the corners.  Nice.

A Dressel Amphora - a typically well-made and authentic-looking decorative mesh object from number 35, Pierre Ceriano.

"Europa Spring" book table from number 36, Gator's Gallery.  Contains a voucher for getting "Europa Spring", Daisy the Gator's new ebook, cheap.  Which is nice.  Tali opined, in the light of previous experience, that the small table is the wrong shape, though.

ObDisclaimer about Nyree Rain of Rainy Fey Creations (number 37) being on my personal f-list.  But, come on, who isn't?  Anyway, this Lion Fountain is a nice, economical, decorative piece.

Elegant Chair (with a variety of sit poses) from number 38, Steaming Ahead.  Elegant, and also robust, since it can cope with a marble Glorf sitting on it.

Silk Road Table from 39, MacMurfin's Read and Eatables, with neat auto-attaching objects for eating and drinking.  No reading.  Well, you can't have everything, and at least this one has an octagonal table, i.e., the right shape.  I am still marmoreal in this shot.  This is not important, it's just an excuse for me to say "marmoreal", I get so few opportunities to use that word in conversation.  The table is nice, mind.

Finally, I de-Medusa'ed myself to put on this mesh toga from Miss Darcy, stop 40.  The "Lavinia" toga; the male equivalent is "Lucius", and there he is on the box behind me.  It's nice - not my colour, but that really is quibbling unnecessarily, this is a good item.
That's it for tonight.  "More than half way", you might say, but there is an immense mini-hunt coming up before we reach the finish line.  Never mind.  More anon.

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