Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silk Road VI: Unpacking begins

Because if there's one thing guaranteed to get me to blow the dust off this thing, it's a Hunt.

Silk Road VI covers seventy-odd shops, some of them very odd, and its theme is Ancient Rome.  How Roman will it get?  Well, it made me Rome all the way through it (oh, come on, you knew that was coming, didn't you?) and now I have reached Unpacking Isle and begun the unpacking.

(You will note that 1) I am temporarily back to human form for this thing, and 2) for several of these entries, I should have made myself a larger Unpacking Isle.)

We start off, of course, by picking up the invaluable Hunt bracelet at the Imperial Palace in Mieville.

Next up, Play Dead, and this Bonds of Eros collar.  A quick check shows that it has a script, but it's only a resizer and not anything (ahem) naughty.

Stop 3 is Goddess Fantasies, and they provide this rather neat little temple, with some accessories (the blue lamps and the mystic pyramid that emits whirly things) available separately.  A close-up view, if I'd done one, would show some neat work done with specular maps.

Here's a Roman Chair from number 4, Lantian Flox.  We shall be seeing a number of chairs, of varying designs.  They don't all include dignified poses like this one.

Library sites Bibliotheque de Coeur and Illuminations have merged, and are both at stop 5, and provide two little talking scrolls.  Lady Ban recites a poem on the left scroll, and Xue Tao recites from the right.  And jolly nice too.

This is a sample of the stuff from number 6, Salome Designs: a set of phantom mesh components for a Roman-style aqueduct.  This is nice.  This is very nice, and if I ever had the need for some Romanesque sim decorations, this would be just the stuff.  It wouldn't be a lot of trouble to stick in enough invisible real prims to make this convincingly solid, too.

Number 7, Rozamyndi's, provides a male outfit and a female one.  This is the female one.  Oh, you guessed.  Unfortunately, the box for the male one doesn't show what's in it, and I don't really have the physique to demonstrate it.  Never mind.

Here's another Roman chair, with different sets of animations, from number 8, COVETED.

And here's another temple.  We're already doing well for temples.  This rather impressive one, which doesn't quite fit on Unpacking Isle, comes from stop 9, Orchid Petals Design.

This texture pack from number 10, LilArt Creations, fits on the island just fine.  Texture pack.  Useful, but not much to look at, move on.

 Another texture pack from number 11, McMinnar's Oddments.  This one at least has a bright and informative box.

Here's me lounging on Oriental Lounging Cushions from number 12, Hearth & Home.  Several lounging poses are included, most of them too risqué in that skirt.

Number 13 is not ready yet, so I console myself by going over to number 14, Pixel Perfect Productions, and picking up a parasol.  There are also flip-flops, for males and male Slink feet, which are not depicted, owing to the unsuitability of my feet.  (A further development relating to my feet may or may not be addressed some time.  It's not relevant to this, though.)

Number 15 is Arcadia Asylum... you pick up a number of things on the way, and then the actual prize is that brazier thing you see in the foreground, and the flying squid you can see following me (as usual, I'm in favour of anything with tentacles.  I'm a sucker for tentacles, ho ho ho), and the main thing, that perfectly spiffy Neptune's Roman Chariot vehicle drawn by hippocampi.

Number 16 has also not made it yet.  Number 17, Hermione's Heavenly Boutique, donates a themed teddy bear, which I think they've done for the last three Hunts I've been on.  This is a Roman Centurion Bear with a sweet little cuddly pilum for hurling at his enemies and adorably impaling them.

Number 18 is Jan's Bazaar, and (as is oft her wont) Janeel Kharg has put together a mini-hunt with a whole heap of decorative items as prizes.  You can see some of them here, mostly stood on or around this pool-and-changing-room piece.  Note the chairs.  Plenty of chairs so far. 

And where there are chairs, there are temples.  And more incidental decoration.  Jan has, in fact, given us pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

For that, you have to go to number 19, [noctis].  (OK, it's actually a Marissa's Bathroom Sink, but I have moved it, conceptually, to the kitchen for the sake of a cheap laugh.)

Number 20, SANNA Science and Art, provide animated textures, as is oft their wont.  Water ripples and animated carp, sufficient to build (for example) this sample fishpond.  Well, I have no criticism of this.  You know me, I'm not one to carp.
At that point, I shall stop.  And not before time, some would say.  More will follow, with hideous inevitability.

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