Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More SL12B snapshotting

More wandering at the birthday bash... I aimed for somewhere slightly familiar at first, the "Emphatic Eccentricia" build by Veleda Lorakeet.  I used to run with that crowd myself for a while.  Anyway, the build is typically creative and intriguing, and eventually I wound up standing on top of it and looking out on all the rest of the weirdness.
 There's a fair amount of the weirdness.  I mentioned that last time, I think.

This is all weird in the Electrify sim, by the way.  Which also contains an Avatar Basketball exhibit.  I was just made for avatar basketball.

Then I wandered out of Electrify and into Enchant.  I was looking for something specific, but chanced upon the 1920s Berlin exhibit along the way.

The place I was actually looking for, though, was "Dare to Dream to Fly", by Meg Madrigal, another person who's spent a lot of time on my f-list.  I remember her asking me questions about how to script those interesting lighter-than-air vehicles, and me being no earthly help to her at all.  Never mind.

The exhibit includes a cloud you can lounge on, while it carries you up to great heights.

Reasonably great heights.  High enough to see some more weirdness, including the fringe of the great four-sim Cake Stage.

 I passed on, and out, it seems, to Raglan Shire's exhibit.  I spent a lot of time lounging on clouds.

It's a civilised sort of place.

I ventured into a high-tech ziggurat - you can see it in the top-right corner of the first picture of Meg's place.  It is the "New World Enlightenment Fun House", apparently.  It is confusing inside, like being trapped in a spirograph.

I will pause there, so this post doesn't become unmanageable.  I haven't covered a tenth of what's there to see in those sims.  And they're only a small part of SL12B, too.  It's quite an event.

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