Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Silk Road VI unpacking: second chunk

Slightly shorter, as events in RL have taken precedence (I have been shoved inside a giant metal tube to discover what's wrong with me.  I imagine a conversation with my doctor, shortly, beginning with "Well, this may take some time...."  But never mind that.)

We start with number 21, Urid Dal's Hat Shop.  As usual from this particular shop, this is not a hat.  It's a Flabellum with Ostrich Feathers and Scarab, otherwise known as a whacking great fan. It's a fun fan.  I am a fan of the fan.

Number 22, Hudson's Clothing, give us a Roman Coin Heavy Necklace (shown) and Roman Cross Heavy Necklace (not shown).  Because my neck is too slim for two Heavy Necklaces, probably.

Number 23, Enchanted, and the Helen dress (worn) with a Paris outfit for men (shown on the side of the bag.)  First of several mesh togas in this lot.  Comes with multiply-strappy sandals and custom mesh feet (that don't fit properly on my excessively long legs.)  Someone with a more standard shape would be just fine with these, I think.

24 was missing.  25 is Sparrow by Design, and provides some nice decorative mesh plaques (which would look better if I'd put some walls up for them to hang on, methinks) and this Silk Road Sofa, which seats two, in a variety of decorous poses (no indecorous ones, darn it.)

Off with the togas again.  This is Antonia (Antonius is on the box) from Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - more traditional (system layer and flexi) stuff, but none the worse for that.

I really mean on with the togas, don't I?  They are not coming off, this is still Not That Sort Of Blog.  This is another mesh one, from number 27, DSO.  It's called Vesta.  The gents get Vulcan, you can see him on the pack shot, looking butch.

Fun things from number 28, Celtic Creations.  The merchant's stall thing to the right is pretty ordinary, but the vineyard and grape-treading vat (complete with animation and wine-stained feet stockings) is a joy.  Tali was amused, even though I'd just shoved a vine through her head.

Chinese Daybed from 29, Casa de Bebe.  Decorous animations again.  Still, it's a nice thing.

Finally, for this section, the Sol Invictus necklace from number 30, Chaos Panic & Disorder.  There's a separate variant for the gentlemen, but I didn't check in what way it differs.
That's all for now.  Further instalments will follow with the usual hideous inevitability.

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