Monday, June 22, 2015

Silk Road VI: The Grand Conclusion

Not all that grand, after last time's heroic efforts - several drop-outs on the way to the finish line at number 75.  Still, there is stuff here, so let's have a look at it.
Starting out at number 65, Lindy Modern & Retro shoes.  These are the Aliaa red... slippers, I guess... for the ladies.  Don't have a pack shot for the gents, I'm afraid, but they get a pair of shoes too.

Number 66 dropped out.  Here's a texture pack from number 67, Timeless Textures.

Persian Lantern from number 68, Spyralle.  Comes with a length of spare chain, too.  As regular readers may remember, I have a lot of time for Spyralle and their gorgeous fractal designs.

Hera and Heracles outfits from number 69, Tamiron Forge.  The pack shot is at a strange angle, there, because although that Hera dress fits quite nicely, there is a slight problem with the underlying alpha texture, so I am standing in a position that doesn't show an inexplicable gap at the back of my left thigh.  It's not insoluble.  I'm sure I could cook up a decent alpha layer of my own, and the dress itself is rather nice.

"Roman patinas" texture pack from number 70, House of ACCentaury.

"Black Beauty" necklace and earrings (and a ring you can't see, but it's on my hand, promise) from number 71, KK's Trinkets.

Blue glass tile, "Baby Bacchus" design, from 72, Buccaneer's Restorations.  High-rez texture, also available in somewhat lower rez to help with sim lag.  It took me several tries to spell "Buccaneer", I got to the point where every variation I tried looked wrong.  It was getting late at night, you know.

Classical Tragedy mask from 73, Chimeric Arts and Fashions.  Well made thing.  Anyone suggesting it's an improvement, though, is going to get such a look.

Emma's at Blue Moose, number 74, gives us this Roman Temple with a central plinth that rezzes a fire bowl.  As I said at the time, I have enough temples from this Hunt to start my own religion.

And so we come full circle to Mieville, and the end of the Hunt, and a couple of extra goodies for us.  First off, this Black Urn from Timeless Décor....

And the pink box it was standing on contained a pair of Posh Tales Ear Cuffs.  You will note that we've reached that point where my outfit gets wildly eccentric, so perhaps it's for the best that we stop here!
And that's it.  Gracious thanks are hereby extended to the indefatigable Perryn Peterson and his organizational team, to the fellow Hunters who make the whole thing so much easier and nicer, and of course to the merchants who provide both the good stuff and the fun puzzles we solve to get it.
See you on the next Hunt, guys.

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