Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Renaissance Hunt V: Second unpacking

These titles are going to get very dull very quickly, aren't they?  I should go back to having opinions about SL in general.

Anyway.  On with the next bunch of Hunt stops.

 Number 11 is The Vintage Touch, and they offer this Renaissance Standard, and therefore a chance for me to say their standards haven't dropped.  Ho ho ho.  Look, I take every chance I can get with these things.
 Here's me poring over a list of old jokes, with the Royal Counsellor's Bench Set from [noctis], number 12.  Lots of interesting animated sits in that bench, and it comes, as you can see, with lots of decorative accessories.  You wouldn't expect anything but quality from [noctis] of course.

Here's the Cake Fox  Furniture Court Seat Rug.  Kind of a yoga mat thing, with a variety of sits for normal size avatars, tinies, and dinkies.  I didn't try the tiny sits, as I have better things to do than dig my feet out of my ears at this time of night.

 Number 14 is Zoe's Garden, and they give us this very detailed Renaissance Carnation Arrangement.

 Here's me on the Wilmington Chaise from number 15, Park Place Home Decor.  Gold crushed velvet and a range of sitting animations - solo only, unfortunately, so Tali couldn't join me.

 We're doing well for furniture tonight.  This is a Tudor Writing Table from stop 16, Hearth & Home.  Again, plenty of animations in the seats - there's me doing some (presumably Tudor) writing, there.

 Jewelry, for a change - the Regal Simple Crown from number 17, Willow.

 Two outfits (female worn, male pictured on box) from number 18, Tayren's Fantasy Fashions.  Renaissance Lady and Lord in Rust.  Comes with a complete look - hair, skin, shape and eyes, too.  I tried it on.  It felt funny, not having long legs and a peculiar mouth.  What the heck, it looks good, though.
Unisex Renaissance Belt from number 19, Cog & Fleur.  The sort of thing Batman might have worn in 1543.  Cog & Fleur, by the way, was the first one where I opened my wallet and bought something along the way.  They had a nice mad scientist's outfit and accompanying work table,  I went for it.

 Regina Mira music box from number 20, Panda Panda.  The lid opens and shuts, and it plays a tune, and what more could you ask of a music box, really?

Finally - for this installment - two outfits from **DSO**; I'm wearing Elisabeth and you can see Eric on the box.  Lots of Elizabethan gowns in this hunt, it seems. I ain't complaining.

That's it for this post.  Next up is the massive mini-hunt from Mountain Rose, which is, as ever, big enough to justify its own entry.

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