Saturday, September 19, 2015

Renaissance Hunt V: Continuing On

OK.  After the last stop - the epic Mountain Rose mini-hunt - we return to normal with the next tranche of shops.  Is tranche the right word?  Whatever, I'm using it.

 Starting off with number 23, Black Magnolia Imports, who do texture packs.  I'm always glad to see texture packs.  Indeed, this Hunters' Delight texture packs, aptly enough, delights me.  I'm not sure if a picture of a box delights you, dear readers, but never mind.

Here's a Gold Renaissance Hiding Ring (the jewel is the lid of a compartment, it hinges up and down) and a Pearl and Emerald Necklace from 24, Thistle Moon Designs.

Another ring, this time RLV scripted, from number 25, bacidalucia.  But V3 doesn't support RLV by default, and Tali wasn't around anyway, and besides this is Not That Sort Of Blog, so the interesting features remain un-investigated.

 Collar of the Queen and matching Ring from !Never Ever! at stop 26.  The gents get a Collar of the King, which seems to have a bolt-on supplement that I haven't investigated.  I bet it's nice, though.  !Never Ever! do good work.

So, of course, does Rag Dollz at number 27.  Here am I wearing Mirabelle in Blue, and standing next to the box for Maxwell, for the gents.  Dunno why Maxwell needs that shield.  I'm not that scary, am I?

Dark Mask from Chimeric Arts at number 28.  Gents get a Gold Half Mask instead.  As usual, if you want to suggest this is an improvement, kindly keep that thought to yourself.  Mask's nice, though.

Stop 29 is Epic Toy Factory, and it supplies this charming scene, various bits of which are scripted to do stuff, not all of which I have yet tested.  Bet it's fun, though.  Go on, explore, adventure, you know you want to.

SANNA Science & Art, animated textures specialists, supply this sparkly picture of Elizabeth R, suitable for incorporation into jewelry, some samples of which are provided.  They do us proud, do SANNA.  And it's sparkly.  Though you can't see it sparkle in a still shot.

Wearable  chair from stop 31, Impertinences.  Handy if you want to sit down somewhere you don't have rezzing rights, I suppose.  Looks good, anyhow.

So does... umm... Well, it's called LATE TO COURT!, it's by sculptor Haveit Neox, it comes from House of ACCentaury at number 32, and by jingo it's quite something.  Decorative.  Definitely decorative.

 Stop 33, Port Royal, gives us a canterbury.  A canterbury is always handy.  Boring people call them magazine stands, but the proper name is a canterbury, so that's what I'm calling it.  It's a nice canterbury, too.

This is the Teach Lantern from 34, Fairy Angel Creations.  I'm not sure what it's teaching, but it hangs and lights up and looks good, and you can't expect more from a lantern than that.

 Here's a (highly) decorative Elizabethan Screen, from number 35, Pierre Ceriano.

Another picture of a box full of textures, this time Royal Brocade Hydrangea ones from 36, Timeless Textures.

Here's the impossible-to-alphabetize % furniture store, at 37, with this mesh Jacobean Trunk.

Arkenstone, at number 38, provides the by now traditional Resizeable Rug.  Rugs, as I have commented before, are good.  I likes me some rugs.

Number 39, Chaos Panic & Disorder, offer us a mini-hunt - no fewer than ten versions of that Balaurul Necklace to be found, there!  Typical generosity from that particular store... I'm wearing the Ruby version for Women, there.  Collect the set.  Well worth the effort.

Finally, for this tranche, All the Better to See You With, from number 40, Hudson's Co.  This includes a pack of blue eyes (which would have been very handy back in the days when I was regularly human), and that hanging tapestry and the stool thing (with multiple animated sits).  An interesting assortment, and high quality stuff.

That takes me slightly past the half way point.  If I can keep on like this, I will be finished before the Hunt is.  Which would rather be the point, of course.

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