Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Renaissance Hunt V: The Grand Finale

Bullying off for the final chukka, as we canter down the last furlong with the nineteenth hole in sight, and I should stop this right now before my metaphors get any more mixed.  Anyway.  Where was I?

 Ah, right, I was at stop 61, Casa de Bebe, picking up this rather nice Rustic Wardrobe with the mesh design and the opening and closing doors.  And a good enough place to be, surely.

 Next up is this Renaissance Gown from number 62, Peckbeth Clothiers.  Doing pretty well for gowns on this Hunt.  There's something for the gents too, but the packaging doesn't show what it is.  Never mind, I'm sure it's nice.

 Also nice is this neat little Elizabethan Table from number 63, Little Scamp.

 Number 64 is Buccaneer's Restorations, which I am never quite sure how to spell.  Does it have one N, or two, or several?  Anyway.  They give us this enamelled miniature of Elizabeth I, in four formats, only one of which is shown here.  Others have, for example, chains so you can hang it round your neck, or big butch chains for hanging it round your manly neck, that sort of thing.  It's pretty nifty, anyway.

 Box of Renaissance Fabrics textures from number 65, Virtual Textures.  Picture of a box, let's move on.
 More gowning.  This is the Sami Corseted Dress in Teal, or possibly the Sami in Teal Corseted Dress, the packaging is a bit inconsistent.  It's accompanied by this Ironfist outfit for the gents.

Fireplace with Bookcases from number  67, Steaming Ahead.  We would expect nothing but good stuff from Steaming Ahead, and we are not disappointed.

 Chain of Office in Gold and Enamel from number 68, Spyralle.  Again, the gents get a solider-looking chain.  As usual, I'm impressed by the way Spyralle has worked its trademark intricately coloured fractals into the theme of the Hunt.  Nice one!

Another box of textures, this time Medieval Tile ones from stop  69, Texture Junction.

 Here's a Round Bench, with three sit-upon-able cushions with sit animation menus, from number 70, Sweet Sorrows.  Efficient mesh design, nice looks, good animations, what's not to like?

 Eliquorn Gown (and a matching tunic for the gentlemen, you can make it out on the box) from number 71, Rainy Fey Creations.  ObDisclaimer about creator being a personal friend.  This is pretty neat, though, a combination of mesh and system layer stuff.  Also, the skirt that fits me is sized at XXS, and it's been a long time since I wore an XXS in RL, so I can love it for that alone.

 The Queen's Armchair and the Forgotten Tapestry from number 72, Timeless Decor.  There is a notecard, too, explaining the history of that Tapestry and how it came to be Forgotten.  However, I have (aptly) forgotten what it said.  Forgetting things runs in the family, you know, my father was in the Foreign Legion for a while.

Here we see the Renaissance Royalty Gown from number 73, Inara's Fantasy Couture.  Gowns a-go-go, this Hunt.  And I am not complaining.

That takes us all the way around, because stop 74 is the end of the Hunt at the Renaissance Faire again, so all that's left for me to do is to thank, once more, Perryn Peterson and his indefatigable helpers for organizing the Hunt, the merchants for their generosity and their cunning, and my fellow hunters for their staunch support!  See you on the next one, guys.

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