Friday, September 18, 2015

Renaissance Hunt V: The Mountain Rose mini-hunt

The multi-item mini-hunt at Mountain Rose Village is getting to be an institution within the Hunts overall... as seems to be usual, we've got a massive build, an enormous selection of stuff to put inside it, and a range of outfits to wear in theme.  This time, it's all rather Elizabethan.  Well, very Elizabethan, in fact.  Sixteen (count them! sixteen!) subsidiary gifties, and I have space only to go through a representative selection....
 First up is this very decorative Diana Pavilion.  Quite large for a gazebo; quite small for the architectural pieces included in this haul!

 First of several pairs of outfits, available for a range of different size avatars.  I'm wearing the Elizabeth Regina outfit and you may be able to make out the Court Advisor for the gents on the box beside me.
 Change of style.  Now I am a Fairy Queen and there's a Nobleman in the box.

First of a substantial selection of furniture.  I've only unpacked the furnishings for one room, here; there are several more in this one box, and there will be other boxes coming. (This is for the Library, if you were wondering.)

Another change of outfit, this time to an Archer.  The gentlemen get an Archer, too.  It's very equal opportunities, is archery.

 More furniture, this time for a Morning Room.  It includes a couple of portrait miniatures which are probably too small to make out, but which are rather nice.

Elizabethan types kept hawks and dogs.  Here's some of the stuff they used to keep them in.

Water maze and gazebo.  The grounds of your Elizabethan castle could be pretty extensive.  With this lot in them, they'd have to be.

Giant outdoor chess board - I've rezzed some pieces, but not the stands for the players and the spectators.  An amazing amount of work has gone into all this, you know.

 Another maze, this time non-watery, more hedge-y.

 Outfit time.  You don't just get to play chess on the big board, you can dress up as live pieces.  White ones, here.  I'm the White Queen, you can tell from the hat.

The Elizabethans got pretty devout, at least officially.  Here's  the furniture for a Prayer Room.  I would have knelt at the altar, but I was worried that hat might fall off.

 It wouldn't be much of a chess game if you only had white pieces.  I am now the Black Knight.  'Tis but a scratch!

 Here's where you put all that furniture.  Hever Castle, or at least a reasonable SL facsimile thereof.  I just about managed not to cosh Tali over the head with it.

 Touch of the Gilbert and Sullivans here, I am now the Yeoman of the Guard.  Or the Yeowoman.  The beefeaters are not, technically, equal opportunities, but don't tell anyone.

Finally, another outfit, this time for falconry.  As you can tell from the whopping great killer budgie perched on my wrist.

Whoof.  And that's stop number 22 done.  Mountain Rose.  They certainly don't stint themselves for these events!

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