Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Renaissance Hunt V: Coda

I didn't exactly miss one.  The epic Mountain Rose mini-hunt terminated with a quiz about Tudor times, and I duly filled in the notecard (a bit stumped on one or two of the questions, I'm afraid) and sent it off.
And in due course I received this crown, orb and sceptre.  Which boosts my already alarming ego no end.

Incidentally, I might note (for the benefit of the merchants) that the Hunt does actually work, as it were, for them.  I mentioned buying a mad scientist outfit and workbench at Cog & Fleur; other purchases included a giant stone pointing hand from Buccaneer's Restorations, a couple of sleazy-looking paperbacks from the gacha machines at The Vintage Touch, a mesh dress from Belle Epoque, a charming dog-headed gargoyle from [noctis], and - perhaps my biggest single purchase - a Gyrocogter Rezzing Platform from Drow Science.  This thing is now emplaced on the hangar deck of the tower, and anyone who feels like it can jump into a temp-rez Gyrocogter and fly about the place.  I flew one all the way from Burroughs to Caledon, last night.  And I flew one up to the Iron Cloud in Middlesea, too, only I wasn't watching out carefully enough and an air kraken got me on the way.  It actually grabbed me and tossed me off the deck of the Iron Cloud, and I fell to the ground and had to walk home.  That's what you get for venturing into Middlesea without a trusty weapon handy.  I'm rambling now, aren't I?

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