Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Renaissance Hunt V: First unpacking

:: mutter, grump :: Ruddy Microsoft Edge, pah  :: grump, mutter ::

The sudden flurry of posting is because I have recently upgraded, or at least changed, to Windows 10, and nothing quite works the way I expect it to, which includes image uploads on Blogger.  In fact, they just hang indefinitely in MS Edge, I am having to do all this in Firefox and I don't know how well it will work here either, let me just see.
 Well thank goodness, it works.  Now I just have to remember to do this blog in Firefox.  Anyway.  Stop 2 is Lantian Flox, where we get this nice decorative plaque with colour changing gems and Shakespeare quote.  It is shiny.   Indeed, this picture does not show how very specially shiny it is, someone has really gone to town on the specular mapping here.

 Stop 3 is Goddess Fantasies, and quite a number of items are included for ladies and gents.  The ladies' items include this Freshwater Pearl necklace.

 I was wearing it in this shot, too, but it's hidden beneath the flexi ruff.  Note also the matching pearl bracelet, and the mesh flowered headband peeking out from under that hair.  The ladies do pretty well here.
Don't know why, as this alchemist's workbench for the gents seems pretty unisex to me, and it's a neat thing.  So, lots of nice prezzies from Goddess Fantasies, well done them!

 Moving on to number 4, Kittycats Creations, and their speciality of wearable/clickable drinks trays.  This is A Fine Tray, offering a choice of five fine wines.  And very nifty too, though I'm not too sure about the Wormwood Wine in the middle there.

Stop 5 is Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, and my outfit starts to go more peculiar as I hastily rummage out a pair of shorts that don't clash with these Sabine doe mesh boots.  The gents get the Saban deerhide ones, which aren't shown, but which seem pretty similar, from the illustration.  Only, y'know, more butch.
Here's some cuteness and niftiness from stop 6, Lunar Seasonal Designs - Wandering and Eating Guinea Pigs.  These cute little fellows meander around being guinea-piggy, until you either click another gadget to get rid of them, or click on that saucer of food on the ground there - at which point they make a bee-line for the saucer and tuck in.  Apparently guinea pigs were imported into England in Tudor times.  I never knew that.

Here's me writhing in pain on the Infirmary Bed from stop 7, ~SWAN~.  Too much Wormwood Wine, you see.  The bed's kind of neat, it includes a range of different animations.  No, not those sorts of animations, you filthy-minded people.

Here's a Witches' Cauldron from stop 8, Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique.  Click it, and it quotes to you from the Scottish play, no less.  Nice.

"Elizabeth" mesh dress and accessories from stop 9, Tamiron Forge.  Not half bad, and a lot more modest than I was expecting from a shop that's heavily into Gor and barbarians and stuff!  The male giftie, not shown here, is described as "Sir Drake".  I bet that's meant to be "Sir Francis" really.  Pay attention, Americans, please; if someone is a Sir, they are Sir Firstname, not Sir Lastname.  It dates from the origins of English surnames in early mediaeval times; if there were three Johns in your village, then John who fished in the river, you called John Fisher; John who had brown hair, you called John Brown; and John who had a big house and a big sword and rode around on a horse telling everyone else what to do, you called Sir.  Simple, really.
Last one tonight; stop 10, Keshiki Garden Centre, and they give us that Renaissance Planter that I'm standing next to, and a pack of full-perm mesh hedge components, one of which I've rezzed.  Just in case you were worried that Unpacking Isle had suddenly broken out in triffids or something.  (Now, where did I put that triffid....?)

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