Sunday, September 28, 2014

Renaissance Hunt IV: the climax!

The last set of gifties from the Hunt.  Dear readers, you just have time, still, to pop over and grab the ones that take your fancy.

Let us ascend together, then, the very pinnacles of excitement and achievement...

Starting with a plain box from number 72, All Things Beautiful.  As you might surmise, it's a texture pack.  Assorted fabric textures, the sort of thing that turns out very useful, once you take it out of the plain box.

A less plain box, but still a texture pack, from 73, Surface by c. loon.

Definitely not a plain box, this "Baelish Renaissance Cabinet" from number 74, Kismet, comes with scripted opening doors and a selection of little knick-knacks to put on it.  Nice stuff.

75, Bibliotheque de Coeur, gives us "Shakespeare Recites".  Click upon the Bard, and he will do Sonnet XXIX at you, one line per click.  Which is a darn sight more lyrical than you'd get if you clicked on me, let me tell you that right now.

Elizabethan leather panelled fireplace from 76, Timeless Décor.  The decorative panels are pretty cool, actually. Metaphorically cool, since physically they're quite near the fire.  You know what I mean.

Myrddin's Emporium at 77 actually gives us quite a batch of stuff, including a very neat Skeleton Clock (a clock where you can see the works, no actual bones are involved), a compass, and a sextant.  Pride of place in my view, though, goes to this fun little vehicle, the HMS Sea Cycle.  I'm sure it's just the sort of thing Shakespeare would have nipped across the Thames on, when he wanted a bite to eat or something.

"Sonnet" chaise longue, footstool, rug and picture of Romeo and Juliet from 78, The Willowinds.  It says "Cog and Fleur" on the box for some reason, not sure why.  Anyway.  Another chunk of nice furniture.  The chaise longue has couples animations, but unfortunately Tali was busy at Oxbridge at the time.

Stop 79 is Spyralle, for whom I have a lot of time.  This decorative Alhambra Rug comes in two versions, one mesh and slightly ripply, one plain prim.  The mesh version is shown here - it is only very slightly ripply, just enough to add to the illusion of reality.  Despite their screamingly psychedelic multi-coloured fractal designs, Spyralle can (and do) do subtlety rather well.

At this stage, I decided to do the last two texture packs in one shot.  Stop 80 is Texture Junction and stop 81 is Timeless Textures.  Both are worthy of your attention and your discerning patronage.  It's just that shots of boxes are not really all that interesting.

At which point we come full circle to the Renaissance Faire once more, and the final prizes... err, another anonymous looking box full of textures, and a model of the "Merchant of Venice" gondola whose full-size version we saw in an earlier instalment.  The textures will be handy, the model decorative, and that makes them both worth while.

And with that, we are pretty much done.   Thanks are extended, as always, to the gallant Perryn Peterson and his valiant crew of helpers and organizers, to the merchants and designers who have contributed their efforts so generously, and to the fellow travellers on the Hunt without whom it wouldn't be half so much fun!

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