Saturday, September 20, 2014

Renaissance Hunt 4: the unpacking begins

Before starting on the Hunt proper, I've decided to cover the gifties from the Renaissance Faire mini-hunt - some twenty little acorns are scattered over the sim, and they contain a whole bunch of gifts.  What sort of gifts?  Well, let's see.

Folding screen, I think that's Panda Panda, and wall fountain by Meadow Copperfield (so that's Mountain Rose Village then).

Pictures!  Pictures of Shakespeare and his characters, from Les Arts de Saint-Bruno.

A gypsy fortune-telling pouch (says stuff if you click on it) from Radikal, and a mediaeval reliquary from Janeel Kharg.

Timeless D├ęcor gives us a Persian Rug, and Cake Fox gives us a decorative candelabra.  Cake Fox still hasn't found the spacebar.  Never mind.  It came in a very nice CakeFoxDecorCandelabraBox.

Hanging tapestry by COVETED! and Sword in the Stone Lantern by Luna Tripsa.  These are nice.  The lantern has a menu with many many customization options, and the tapestry also texture-changes on a click - it is, in fact, not one tapestry, but several.

"Hand of the King" pin by Feyline (I'm sort of wearing it, but my chest isn't big enough) and tax collectors' scales from Enchanted.

Jester's hat (one of several pieces of headgear from Curious Seamstress, this one with particle effects), and Joust Standard by Amza Hydraconis.

Sleeping Beauty rug (with an animated texture to give a rippling-water effect) by Dragon Magic Wares, and a perfectly charming decorative book by Port Royal.

I am wearing Apricot Branch Horns from Apricot Paws, and looking at a Maiolica Plate from Chimeric Arts.

And I am wearing a Golden Renaissance Mask from e*sensual, and opal earrings and necklace (that last is meant for a bloke, but never mind, it's jewelry, so I'll wear it) from Trans-Skewed.

So there we go.  Next up, the Hunt proper.  Or, the way I do it, improper.

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