Sunday, September 21, 2014

Renaissance Hunt 4: Unpacking 1

... Stenhousemuir 2: Queen of the South 3.

Ahem.  Stop being silly, Glorf.  Yes, I am stood on the semi-official Unpacking Isle in Caledon Burroughs, and opening up the first batch of gifties from the Renaissance Hunt.  And oh my, are they an interesting lot.
We start at the Renaissance Faire itself, of course, where the prize is this Hunt Gargoyle shoulder pet, which has the eminently practical purpose of ensuring that the gargoyle's sculpt is pre-rezzed for you when you go to a new sim.  It is carrying a banner with a strange device, which is not "Excelsior!", but the gargoyle image on the tracks which are used to point your way to the gifties.  Also eminently practical.  This may not be wonderfully decorative - well, your opinion may differ, I think it's quite cute - but it shows the care and attention to detail which goes into these Hunts.

Stop 2 is Lantian Flox, as it so often is, and here's their Poison Vial necklace.  It comes in large and small sizes, and it glows on touch.  And so do I, if the right person is touching, but never mind that.  I'm not sure why glowing poison is a good idea, but I'll go with it.  (Hang on.  Didn't the original '40s version of [I]DOA[/I] feature "luminous toxin"?  I rather think it did.  Perhaps this is that stuff, then.  I don't know how Shakespearean it is - Shakespeare being officially the theme of the Hunt - but what the heck, it sounds reasonable to me.)

From stop 3, [play dead], comes this "Something Wicked" collar. I am sort of at a loss as to a social occasion where it might be considered suitable.  High tea with Anton LaVey, maybe?

Stop 4 is Epic Toys, and oh goodness, is the Toymaker on form or what?  This "Mad Renny's Tea Party" features simply heaps of quality objects, animations, and other entertainments.  Recommended.  Will supply about 125% of your RDA of sheer zaniness, and what else would you expect?

Stop 5, Chaos Panic & Disorder, gives us this "La Reine Soleil" necklace for the ladies.  It also gives a corresponding "Le Roi Soleil" thing for the guys, that's in that box.

Stop 6 is a no-show as of this writing, one of a very small number of no-shows.  Stop 7, Urid Dal's Hat Shop, gives us this Mediaeval Hat (which failed to totally surprise me, I must say) and also this Dark Red Fan, which opens and closes and comes with a "fanning yourself" animation.  This is a Good Thing in almost every respect.  It is shown here in its closed configuration, as when I took a snap of it opened out, it completely obscured my face.  Any suggestions that that would be a Good Thing will be keenly resented.

Stop 8, United InshCon, and this Art Nouveau lamp.  Not sure whether Art Nouveau is all that Shakespearean, but he was a man of taste and would have appreciated it, had he happened to be around in the 1920s.  I'm carping and niggling, aren't I?  This is a nice lamp.

Stop 9, Panda Panda, and... you will have to take my word for it that this thing is displaying a sequence of Renaissance masterpieces while playing Mozart's Symphony #40.  I think, temporally speaking, we are moving in the right direction here.  We will arrive at Shakespeare any time now.  I'm sure we will.

Maybe not quite yet, though.  Stop 10, Designs by Sebastian, gives us Victorian Swirls earrings and necklace (chest and spine attachment versions) for the ladies, and... something in a box... for the men.  I didn't open the men's box yet.  I'm sure it's nice, whatever it is.
So there we go.  I will continue to open boxes and possibly comment on their level of general Shakesperean-ness as I go on.  And go on, I certainly will.  Oh yes.

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