Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Renaissance Hunt 4: and again...

Covering stops 41 through 60, and thus more than half way....

"Shakesbearan" from Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique.  Shakespeare as a teddy bear!  Cute.

"Madonna" from 42, Dragon Magick Wares.  A big decorative Renaissance artwork slab.

Jazzy Jester Cap from 43, Eclectic Stars.  We seem to be doing OK for jester headgear, this hunt.  Which is fine by me.

The Bard's Desk from 44, ~Swan~.  Not to be confused with the Bard's other desk, which we saw in an earlier post.  Shakespeare was a man of means, he had two desks!  This one has a variety of fun sitting animations in it.  You can see me there in my "I am studying Shakespeare" pose.

 Antique chairs and side table from 45, Steaming Ahead.  The chairs come in male and female versions, which refers to the sits - prim and proper for female, less so for male.  So it goes.

Peasant garb from 46, Rag Dollz.  Box (pictured) contains stuff for both male and female versions.  I should probably take those shoes off and go barefoot as well as ragged.

"Merchant of Venice" gondola from GRSP at number 47.  Gets up a fair turn of speed, too.  Note peasant Glorf at the oars while the non-peasant catlady lounges indolently on soft cushions.

"The Shrew's Cupboard" from stop 48, Kittycat's Creations.  This one is fun!  It dispenses drinkable wine goblets, and throwable, breakable plates.  I'm not sure what that says about Katherine's and Petruchio's home life after the play ended, but by jingo it's entertaining.

"A Night with the Frog Prince" from 49, An Lema.  Decorative furniture-cum-storytelling scene, with a range of sits and a notecard telling the tale of the Frog Prince.  You are not, so far as I can see, required to kiss the frog.  For this relief, much thanks.

Mesh outfits from stop 50, e'sensual.  Ladies get A Midsummer Night's Dream, pictured here.  Gents get Henry V, not pictured, or indeed tried.  Might be interesting, though.

Texture pack from 51, Lilart Creations.

Rug from 52, Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture.  Rugs is good.  I approve of rugs.

"Juliette" bronze statue (actually a flat standee) from 53, Buccaneer's Restorations.  Could be a useful decorators' piece.

As could these Gypsy Tents from stop 54, Cherie.  I have a vague feeling I've seen these, or something quite like these, deployed before, but I can't quite place where.  Might have been Fantasy Faire.  There was lots of good sim decoration at Fantasy Faire.  Might have been somewhere else, too.  Or I might just be imagining the whole thing.

Renaissance pendant from 55, Elemental Jewelry.

Stop 56 is L+N Signature Designs, who have featured in Hunts many a time before, often with eccentric and fantastical vehicle designs.  Which is what this Bison Tank is.  It lumbers around impressively and fires its machineguns and cannon even more impressively.  Everyone should have a highly detailed and heavily armed steampunk mecha-bison vehicle!  And, through the magic of Renaissance Hunt, you can.
Texture pack from stop 57, McMinnar's Oddments.  You can see what's in this one, and it might be kind of cool, at that.

Stop 58 is Gacha's Bubbles, and a nice piece of framed artwork from them.

Drinks-dispensing Renaissance Rose Soda Tray from 59, Orchid Petals Designs.  Not sure how Shakespearean fizzy pop is.  But then the heavily armed mecha-bison is not very Shakespearean either, and you don't see me complaining about that, do you?

Finally, for this post, mesh music stand and separate mesh music sheet from 60, Port Royal.  And very excellent and decorative it is too.

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