Saturday, September 27, 2014

Renaissance Hunt 4: the Mountain Rose Village mini-hunt

This one is stop number 71, except - as with the last Silk Road hunt - it's actually a mini-hunt involving some eighteen stops around three different locations.  They certainly push the boat out for this one.

It's not unlike the Silk Road mini-hunt, too, in that it includes sets of themed clothing, sets of furniture, and a whomping great building to put them in.  The designers have certainly not stinted on quantity - it's all rather traditional SL, no super-sophisticated complex mesh designs or any such like that.  The theme is quite determinedly Shakespearean; also, there were no giant spiders in this one, which came as something of a relief to me.

So let's have a look at, well, a representative sample of the goodies from this one stop.

We start off with one of the clothing sets.  This offers three different age ranges of two outfits (one male, one female).  I'm wearing the grown-up version of "Gertrude"  (Hamlet's mother, as I'm sure I don't need to tell you cultured people).  The gentlemen get something a bit less classy, I'm afraid, the Gravedigger from the same play.

"Titania's Wreath" headdress.  Not pictured, "Puck's Wreath" for the gents.

A selection from our first big pile of furniture, suitable for the entrance hall and library of the Capulets' mansion from "Romeo and Juliet"

Next pair of outfits.  I'm wearing Viola's costume when she's in male drag as Cesario in "Twelfth Night".  Not pictured: Sebastian's outfit for the gents.

Pair of decorative basins - one for Juliet and one for her parents, apparently.

Another set of furniture, a fireplace and group of musical instruments suitable for a ballroom.

Next outfit pair... err, um.  This is Ariel for the ladies, and that outfit may well appeal to the gentlemen as well.  Bit draughty for me, really.  The corresponding male look is for Prospero, and I bet that's warmer.

 Renaissance benches and wall sconce. One with male sits, one with female, one long one with room for both.   As you see, traditional SL prim design, but nothing wrong with that!

Dining in style at the Capulets' table.

Next outfit pair.  Seen here, Juliet.  Gentlemen's equivalent is Romeo.  I don't think that surprises anyone, though I swear I can hear Tybalt and Mercutio pouting.

Next up, a pair of accessories.  I'm holding Juliet's Dagger, which comes with a "stabbing yourself" animation (or, as I remarked to Tali, more of a de-animation, really).  The gents need not feel left out, they can play with Romeo's Poison Bottle instead.  Fun for all the family.

Speaking of which, here's a chunk of the Capulets' bedroom furniture, including a bed which, like Commander Data in that old Star Trek episode, is fully functional in all respects.  Use your imagination.  Demonstrations will not be given here, this is still Not That Sort Of Blog.

Titania's Bed.  Comes with cuddles only.  Find a friendly catlady to practice them with.  I did.

The Forum from Julius Caesar.

We stick with Caesar for the next outfit pair; gents get the Dictator himself, ladies get his wife Calpurnia.  This is pretty nice, actually, especially for traditional SL prim work.  I've got mesh outfits that don't look that good.

More furniture.  Juliet's bedroom.  Bed is not scripted for naughtiness.  Now I can hear Romeo pouting too.

Last outfit pair; Titania for the ladies and Puck for the gentlemen.  Oberon doesn't seem to be getting much of a look-in.  Never mind.  We could be worse off, we could have Bottom.

Finally, somewhere to put all that furniture; the Capulets' House in all its glory.  There's balconies round the back, in case you fancy re-enacting a certain scene.
So there we are.  The Mountain Rose Village mini-hunt.  Main Hunt resumes (and very likely concludes) with our next.

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