Monday, September 15, 2014

More commercialism incoming

Ahem.  Yes, I'm being neglectful again.  Terrible, I know... but I'm having trouble just finding time to get inworld, so finding time to get inworld and blog is even harder.  Besides, I'm sure I don't know what I'm doing inworld that's worth blogging about.  Well, apart from... no, not that, this is still Not That Sort Of Blog.

I had a point when I started that paragraph, where was it?

Oh, yes.  Anyway.  Back again, and on the Hunt again.  I'm in the final throes of finishing the fourth Renaissance Hunt, so expect more posting here shortly as I open up its gift gargoyles and describe the contents.  Fills up space, if nothing else.

On a related note - and this explains the title of the post - my insignificant commercial efforts are up and running again.  Strictly speaking, my little shop "Hebe GBE" didn't vanish entirely when Steam SkyCity got redeveloped - it has a mainland branch, and is still there, although in these days of mesh, my gadgets mostly look sinfully outdated.  Never mind.

Persuaded by the silver-tongued Mayor of Mieville, the estimable Perryn Peterson, I have taken a stall at his Halloween Village, with a small selection of products on sale (at, in most cases, a considerable discount.  Though I've also included a couple of my freebies, and it is not arithmetically feasible to discount those.)

I also stuck the Hieratic Skull on the stall, for a laugh.  This thing was made for a Halloween bash in Caledon quite some time ago, and was supposed to be a one-off.  Like many of my gadgets, it says silly things when you talk to it... in this case, it responds in chat with oracular-sounding sayings of quite astonishing portentousness and meaninglessness.
That's me, setting up the stall.  The pumpkin-orange marker boxes will be gone when the event starts, and the other stalls will be full of good stuff (Pierre Ceriano has the booth across the way from me, for instance, and Izo Ryba has a booth nearby too, so that's two bits of class right off the bat), so, y'know, drop by and see what's on offer.  I accept no responsibility, mind, if you listen to the Hieratic Skull and take its advice.

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