Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Renaissance Hunt 4: More loot

Since we're actually in the final week of the Hunt, and I want to get everything blogged up before it ends, I'm picking up the pace a bit tonight.  So,  a big slab of nice stuff coming up.

Starting with RVi, stop 21, and a scene from Romeo and Juliet.  The Bard is in evidence here!

Stop 22, Celtic Creations, gives us a Three Witches' Cauldron with a Potion Fixin's Shelf to go with it.  Always helps to know where you've put you fillet of a fenny snake, doesn't it?

Stop 23, VM Detail and Design, gives us this Papermaking Tub, an add-on to their already gobsmacking Chained Library set.

Decorative pictures of Renaissance architecture from 24, Cake Fox.  Cake Fox still hasn't found the space bar.  But the pictures (CakeFoxDecorRenaissanceArchitecturePictures) are nice.

Drow Science at 25 gives us Shakespeare's Desk.  He'll have to write standing up now!  But this is nice, and at 6 LI well worth having, so I'm not giving it back.

Renaissance banners from 26, The Vintage Touch.

Oh, my.  Stop 27, Les Arts de Saint Bruno, have given us simply scads of pictures of Shakespearean scenes.  I've only rezzed some of them here, there are heaps.  Top notch stuff.

Nice little bookshelf from 28, McMurfin's Readables and Eatables.  I suspect this one is from the Readable side of the fence.

Stop 29, Feyline Fashions, gives us male and female outfits.  I'm wearing Mistress Valencia and standing next to Sir Vladimir.  He looks dashing.  Possibly a little more Alexandre Dumas than Wm. Shakespeare, but still dashing.

Stop 30, Fairey Angel Creations, and Ye Olde Well, with a bit of ye olde landscaping around it.  Second well we've had.  Well, well.  (Oh, come on, you knew I was going to do that, didn't you?)

Renaissance Salon chair from 31, Park Place Home D├ęcor.  Nice chair with heaps of sitting animations.

Lovely in Lilac Corseted mesh dress from COVETED!, who jumped in at short notice to become stop 32.  Usual comments about "standard" sizing apply, but that is hardly the store's fault, and this is basically pretty nifty, if you are into corsets.

Wearable flute with animations from 33, !Never Ever! - I had to change outfits, as the flared sleeves on that mesh dress rather hid the flute when I was playing it.  Cute thing, I like it.  I'm a sucker for musical instruments anyway.

Animated "Vintage Astronomy" texture sets from 34, SANNA Science and Art.  If you follow these things, you may remember that SANNA makes animated textures that don't show to their best effect in a still snapshot.  Never mind.

"To be or not to be" poesy ring from 35, ~XM~ Designs.  I am wearing the ring, honest I am, but I left the pack in the shot in order to give you a much better idea.

Bunch of mixed lilies and an apposite quotation from 36, Zoe's Garden.  I approve of apposite quotations.

Ruby gown with Renaissance jester accessories from stop 37, Twelfth Night.  There's also a Renaissance Emerald Ring, but I don't know if you can make it out.  It is small, but perfectly formed - neat mesh design.
Stop 38 is [Virtual Textures], they make textures, it's a texture pack, I will be using it, but it's just a box shot here, let's move on, shall we?

Stop 39, Jacon Cortes Designs, and this Lady Elizabeth head piece.  There's also a Lord Charles hat, if the gentlemen would prefer.  Lady Elizabeth has her charms, though.  Oh yes.

Finally, for this section, stop 40 is Tamiron Forge, and a neat pair of outfits (female worn, male in pack shot, as per usual).  Kind of neat, actually, and a bit more restrained than I'd expect from that particular store!

That's all for now.  More in our next.  Stay tuned.

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