Sunday, March 8, 2015

Steam X: The Unpacking commences

Excuse my dust....  I haven't been awfully active in SL recently, and so there's not been anything worth commenting on in here.  (Actually, I did have some thoughts about the recent sci-fi convention, but I didn't get around to writing them down before it closed.  Lazy Glorf!)

However, as we know, the Steam Hunt and its relatives will always stir me out of my apathy.  Steam X ("The Dream") is ongoing as I write, and I have torn around it in my usual immoderate way.  This leaves me plenty of time to unpack stuff and blog about it.  So, here we go, once again!

We start in the traditional manner, at the very beginning (a very good place to begin), the Steampunk Information Centre at Mieville, where we can practice our hunting skills and obtain the invaluable Hunt Bracelet, seen here invaluably around my right wrist.

Stop 2, Unrepentant, and I'm gratified to find that the first thing out of the actual Hunt is an item of usefulness and practicality.  Well, at any rate, it is if you live in Caledon Burroughs and the Iron Cloud and its merry crew are in the sim next door.  A well-made sign warning of airship pirates is a boon to the casual visitor.

Arrrh, Jim lad, and all that sort of thing.  "Smeepunk" steampunk eyepatch from Play Dead.  It has gears.  It is Steampunk.

Quite a little haul from stop 4, Goddess Fantasies.  I'm wearing the "Steamed Lady" outfit for the ladies (very traditional SL stuff, and there's nothing wrong with that); gentlemen should content themselves with the big tattoo in the box, and both sexes can admire the picture of gears (Steampunk!) and the rather nifty mesh Apothecary Cabinet (only 3 LI, and might look good in my laboratory at that.)

Stop 5, Lantian Flox, and this Steamy Dreams Alarm Clock, which is both functional and decorative.  Not sure if its normal maps show up properly in that photo, but they are there and they are good.  This is a neat thing to have.

One disadvantage of ploughing through in a great hurry, as I do, is that you tend to miss out on the shops that aren't ready yet.  (There are always a few, RL being what it is.)  This time, number 6 is among the involuntary absentees, and I will go back and pick that one up as soon as it's ready.  In the meantime, here's a Steampunk Armchair and Sofa from number 7, Gator's Gallery.  Shiny stuff.

Number 8 is Gugu Dada, purveyors of lipstick and tattoos to the discerning for some time now.  I'm wearing the lipstick.  I'm also wearing a small tattoo of a cat, but I had to take rather too many things off to be comfortable showing that one.  Anyway.  That shade is a bit too red to go with my fur, I think, but on the right person/species it'd look great.

Number 9, Lunar Seasonal Designs, and a Wandering Wind-up Tin Elephant toy.  Actually, three of them, with different Wandering ranges.  This is the short-range elephant, suitable for the restricted confines of Unpacking Isle.  You can see my legs in the background there.  If I'd angled the camera up a bit, you'd have seen that tattoo of the cat.  You'd also have seen a great deal more, though, and this is still Not That Sort Of Blog.

Number 10 is Chaos Panic & Disorder, and they have rather done us proud.  The actual prize is the Somniagraph Pendant that I'm wearing, and an elegant and intricately cogged thing it is too.  (Comes in two versions, for ladies and for gents.)  However, there's an in-store mini-hunt which yields the items of furniture shown here (six of them in total), and though they describe themselves as decoys, they are quality decoys, no doubt about that.  The bed and that little stool have animation menus, the little candle has a flame that turns on and off, and those decorative gears rotate.  This is good stuff, and well worth the time spent camming around the store.  Nice one.  The Cavorite weight of Miss Bulmer's approval hereby descends upon Chaos Panic & Disorder.

... Right.  That's all for now.  Further entries will be forthcoming, and soon, because as usual I feel I must get this done and dusted well before the end of the Hunt.  It's running through the whole of March.  Plenty of time yet to acquire those cat tattoos.

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