Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Steam Hunt X: next unpacking tranche

Smaller one this time, though still perfectly formed, I hope.

I've returned to my normal appearance... and then added the "Growth" monocle and pocket-watch set from 31, Amaranthus.  Really, it'd be better if I was wearing a Victorian waistcoat with pockets, rather than the "Punk Princess" T-shirt.  Never mind.  Nice things anyway.  (Both watch and monocle come in right-side and left-side versions.  I could have worn a monocle on each eye.  But that would look even sillier.)

Number 32, Designs by Sebastian, and the "Live your Dreams" Standing Clock.  And a very admirable timepiece it is too.

Number 33 is temporarily absent.  Hopefully, that will be remedied soon!  In the meantime, Land of Nodd at number 34 is most definitely present, and gives us this Steampunk Trivia Machine.  For most of the rest of the unpacking session, this thing was asking us questions.  It's a complete trivia-gaming system, with instructions for adding your own questions cards and even giving away prizes.  Smart, Steampunk-looking, and fully functional in all respects.  This is a good one.

Number 35, Sparrow by Design, gives us a Steampunk Dandy outfit for the gents (no pack shot, unfortunately) and this Steampunk Geisha outfit for the ladies.  Wide range of included options, among them this fitted mesh version.  I approve of fitmesh a lot more than I approve of "standard sizing", though a full range of standard sizes in rigged mesh is also included.  The normal mapping on the mesh is perhaps a little on the heavy side, but basically this is a cool thing.

Abrupt change of species required, since it would take too much fiddling to get earrings to show up with my leonine hair and ears.  This is the "Amber Healing" necklace and earrings from number 36, Hudson's Clothing, and very nice too.  (It feels draughty, now, not having fur.) 

Decorative sculpture, "Dream" by Haveit Neox, from number 37, House of ACCentaury.  Comes in a smaller size version, too.  Weird-looking thing, but that, I suppose, is the point - dreams are weird.  And this is directly addressing the "Steam the Dream" theme of the Hunt.  We've had a fair amount of Steam, so far, but this is the first one to address the Dream part directly.  So, props for that, anyway.

Number 38, Willow, had a four-item mini-hunt that yielded four different "Noble Hearts" necklaces.  I'm wearing one and standing in front of the pack for another.  Note catlady lurking behind it, ready to pounce on my frail and defenceless human flesh.

From number 39, McMinnar's Oddments, and also from the pages of "Girl Genius", comes this Prototype Clank.  It follows you around - with a slight tendency to fall on its face, on the uneven surface of Unpacking Isle.  It's cute, and as a long-standing "Girl Genius" fan, I rather approve.

It's still following me as I don the "Irish Steam Dream" outfit from number 40, Rag Dollz, who have been giving away nice outfits in these Hunts for as long as I've been doing them, maybe longer.  Pack shot of the gents' outfit also in the picture.  It's all system layers and prims and stuff, it's traditional SL - but it's good traditional SL, and that means it's a good outfit.  (Not that you'd expect anything less from Rag Dollz.)
So there we are.  Apart from the abrupt change of species, I got off fairly lightly tonight.  Went to bed not looking totally silly, anyway.  This may change, as the unpacking continues....

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