Monday, March 9, 2015

Steam Hunt X: Unpacking 2

Here we go again....

... starting with these two Dreamcatcher Clocks from number 11, Thistle Moon Designs.  They'd look better if I hung them on a wall or something, I think.  Not that they don't look nice now.

At this point I remembered that I had my sun set to "Midday", still (for hunting purposes).  So I switched that back to region default, and it was night time, and this Steampunk Lamp from Casa de Bebe (number 12) looks much more effective at night.  Lamps are like that.  They look superfluous in daylight.

There's a Tiffany Lamp, and also a Victorian Round Table, and a Victorian Chair, in this set from number 13, Park Place Home Décor.  The chair's scripted with a variety of sitting animations (and if you look at my right hand, you'll see I got a cup of coffee from one of them).  This is a really nice, high quality, gift.

Number 14 is Epic Toy Factory, and is not yet ready, and it is awaited with the keenest anticipation. In the meantime, we go on to number 15, Folklorica, where I got this geared-up Cloche Hat.  Gentlemen get an equally geary pith helmet.  It's nice, but I had to take my hair and ears off to get that shot.  Feline ears and hats are often an unhappy combination.

We move on to Tayren's Fantasy Fashions, number 16, and this quite nifty unisex "Aviator" outfit.  The neat little cap meant that I had to stay bald and earless for the nonce.  Never mind!  This is a nice look.

Texture pack from number 17, Timeless Textures.  Contain your excitement please.

Rather nice old-fashioned candlestick phone from number 18, Gatcha's Bubbles.  Decorative only, and made with sculpties... but highly decorative, you must concede.

Also highly decorative - or will be, when unpacked and used on something - a texture pack from number 19, Surface by c. loon.

Number 20, Morigi Steam, gives us this ICS Cannon (Prototype), which is definitely practical.  The arrows control direction and elevation, and the big red button does what big red buttons ought to do.  It gave the gulls beside that island one heck of a shock, believe me.

 Number 21, Steaming Ahead, gives us this Victorian dining room furniture set, complete with dining animations and one heck of a lot of detail work.  Tali was especially enthused over the wine glasses, which look properly shiny and glassy without any nasty alpha conflicts.  This is another really classy item.

This is the Steamy Time Whistles mesh ring from number 22, EBDesigns.  The box for the item also serves as a presentation case for showing it off, which is a neat idea, and you get a better view of it this way than when it's on my finger.  Yes, that lot fits quite neatly on my finger.  Didn't even need to fiddle around adjusting it, which I often do with rings.  Nice one, EBDesigns.

I took the opportunity, when changing outfits, to regain my hair and ears.  This is sort of modest (and gear-y) beachwear from 23, Rozamyndi's.  There are swimming trunks for the gentlemen, but I decline to model those, in public at least.

Gearhead Boots from number 24, Miss Darcy.  Credited on the box to "Miss Darcy and Teknics", and credit where credit is due, I think.  These things have revolving geared wheels, and come with a basic AO built in, that replaces your run with a skating animation, and your walk with a sort of... trundling around.  And I love a good trundle, and had fun trundling all over Unpacking Isle.

Steampunk Dream Balloon from number 25, Jinxed Toys & Magic.  Cute and responsive one-person vehicle.  A bit of fun, from these purveyors of bits of fun.
Lock & Key bracers from number 26, Cog & Fleur.  There's one on my right wrist too.  Nice Steampunk accessories, though they don't quite go with the current outfit.  But, then, we have reached the point where my outfit, composed of several things from different Hunt stops, becomes increasingly, umm, different.

"SP_Steamer" from LaNoir Soleil, number 27.  Essentially, a cigarette holder - I hope the detail shows up in that photo, because it really is exquisitely detailed.  Two versions supplied, one with that holding animation and one without.

 Here I am, doing the ironing, and commenting to Tali that I just felt a century of feminism fall away.  This is the Steamer Trunk from 28, Peckbeth Clothiers, and I seem to recall them supplying a similar device in a previous Hunt.  Basically, the big wooden box bit in the middle rezzes accessories and pose balls for a number of laundry-related chores.  Lots of fun, but I am inclined to seek out a man and make him do his own laundry, damn it.

This is Phileas's Bedchamber from 29, Eclectic Muse.  Phileas's Bedchamber has a bed with a sleeping animation, and it has a full-length mirror and a globe of the world and a stack of books and sundry other accessories, and it is suspended by chains from a hot air balloon, because of course it is.  Who is this Phileas, anyway?  Haven't the Foggiest.

Finally, for tonight, the Damask Steamer top hat from number 30, Hatpins.  Because no Steam Hunt would be complete without at least one top hat.  Particularly a top hat with lots of control buttons and particle effects and such.
And at this point, wearing hotpants, a smoking top hat, and motorized boots, that I commented on how lucky I'd been, still being comparatively sensibly dressed, and logged out.  Will things get sillier tomorrow?  Watch this space.

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