Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Steam Hunt X: Unpacking (continues)

Big update tonight.  I don't know why, there's no actual urgency at this point.  Still - big update.
Aarrrrr, Jim lad!  We start with this Sexy Pirate outfit from number 41, Inara's Fantasy Couture.  Note the skull and crossbones motif on the stocking tops.  That's attention to detail, that is.

Posing (it has a built in animation) with the Victoria umbrella from number 42, baci village.  You can see the Edward cane for the gents, on the pack there.  No umbrella for the gents.  If it rains, they get wet.  Unless they are very thin, and can crouch for shelter beneath the cane.  Getting silly now, Glorf. Stop it.

"Miranda" red shoes from 43, Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes.  "David" shoes for gents not shown.  These actually work pretty well with the Sexy Pirate, though I wouldn't splice any mainbraces in those heels.

Carosse chair from number 44, Pierre Ceriano.  I don't know what it is about this design that makes me like it, but I do like it, and rather a lot.  It's also economical on the land impact, and comes with a sit-animation menu.  I think it has a lot of style.

Number 45 is Simply Sebastian (not to be confused with Designs by Sebastian, it's a different and presumably simpler Sebastian).  Anyway.  Paired outfits, in very much traditional SL style - ladies get Irene Adler, gents get Sherlock Holmes.  There's a second Irene Adler box (actually, there are several boxes of both, for different sizes and designs of avatar), which seems to consist of a rather butcher Irene Adler, with many of Holmes's accessories.  This is the one I'm actually wearing.  Come to think of it, Irene Adler does drag up in "A Scandal in Bohemia", so that's all right then.

Steampunk music box and assorted bracelets, bangles and necklaces from number 46, Celtic Creations.  The jewelry's pretty nice, actually.

Texture pack from that noted purveyor of texture packs, USC Texture Tomb, at number 47.  There are Victorian Book Covers in there.  They'll be good for Victorian Books.

We have had to wait until number 48, Fairey Angel Creations, for a room divider.  This is an Art Nouveau one, but you didn't need me to tell you that, dear readers.  You could see it straight away from the design, because you are Cultured, like what I am.

Pirates' Guide Pendant from number 49, Jacon Cortes.  You probably can't make out enough details in that shot.  It's a sort of jewelled compass rose design, rather nice actually.

Number 50, [noctis], and a Steampunk Daybed with various fun accessories - actually, the prize contains the basic bed, too, and the accessories separately, which is a nice touch.  Quality mesh work and texturing, too.  Wouldn't expect anything less from [noctis] of course.  The slumbering catlady on the lower part of the bed is not one of the included accessories.  You get your own.  That one's mine.

We can rely on number 51, the Ferret and Hedgie Shoppee, for quiet good taste in the matter of top hats.  For certain values of quiet good taste.  Various bits of that one revolve, if you were wondering.

Number 52, Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture, and a Resizeable Rug.  Well, I always say rugs make otherwise bare floors more interesting.  Or at least warmer on one's paws.

A newcomer to the hunt at number 53, Dragons Are Too Seldom Inc., and they provide this rather nifty full-perms mesh Paint Roller Model kit.

Maybe people in Steampunk settings do dream of 1950s style diners, like this one from number 54, Dark N Crazy.  And, well, why not?  There are many worse things to dream of.  This is kinda neat, actually.

Cloudy Dreams Bear from number 55, Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique.  All together now: awwww!

Steam Dreams Mobile from 56, Potpourri Designs.  Touch the base and it plays a lullaby.  The base and the rotating mobile bit are separate, and are also provided as individual components, which is a nice touch.

Steampunk Alice outfit from Dandy and Niki Creations, number 57.  Neat enough mesh outfit, slightly fanciful (yeah, like that's out of place in this Hunt); "standard" sized, but doesn't fit me too badly; on the whole, a nice thing.  The gift package contains some other items - hats for ladies and gents of the tiny persuasion, and a box labelled "Mad Hatter Boots" which may repay investigation at a later date.

Dream Necklace from number 58, !Never Ever!

Various Steampunk Gifties (monocle and arm bands seen here) from number 59, <P3>.  The arm bands are meant for men, or at least for people with thicker arms than me.  The ladies get similar things, but as garters, and I was not going to hoick up that mesh skirt and show everyone my thighs at this time of night.

Number 60, Destiny's Designs (familiar name from many a Hunt), and this Winter Shopping outfit (I'm wearing the ladies' version and standing in front of the box for the gents' one).  Nice mesh design with a lot of different components; looks good, would probably look even better if I'd taken the trouble to arrange the various bits and pieces properly about my person.  Again, the hat (a perfectly nice hat) comes to grief on my leonine ears.  Never mind!  It's still a quality outfit.

That's all for now.  Nominally, we are more than half way along, but only nominally, as there are some fair-sized mini-hunts in the offing.  Watch this space.

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