Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steam Hunt X: Backtracking on the Unpacking

Apologies for the delay.  (Silly typist put her back out again.)

Anyway.  I've actually finished the unpacking, but haven't posted the results.  Bad Glorf.  No biscuit.  So, this post will contain - well, some of the results.  Not all, as there was another biggish mini-hunt involved, and if I put up all the photos, this post will become unmanageable.  So, let's say this is the first half of the final tranche.

Anyway.  I'm going to start off by going all the way back to number 33, Curious Seamstress - which, you may or may not remember, was delayed in getting ready, and not there when I actually raced round the Hunt.  But it is ready now, oh my goodness me yes.

And here I am in the "Steam Genie" outfit for the ladies, and very nice it is too.  I don't have a pack shot of the accompanying Cowboy outfit for the gents (there is a story notecard explaining what the genie and the cowboy are doing together, no it isn't that, get your minds out of the gutter), but I have no doubt that one is equally worth having.  So there we go.

On with the rest, starting from wherever it was I got up to last time.  Spyralle, I seem to recall.  All right then.

Stop 71 is Zoe's Garden, and it gives us these decorative Steampunk Arrangements.  A Mixed Arrangement and a vase of Steampunk Twigs.  And very charming too, and they have cogs, so they must be Steampunk indeed.

Stop 72 is Cedar Bay, and they give us this Upstairs Valet, which is a piece of furniture that (on command) rezzes prop clothing items for you.  Seen here with all props engaged, except I'm not quite sure that thing on the left holding up the lady's hat shouldn't be a tentacle, like the one on the right holding up the gent's hat.  As long term readers will know, I am, as it were, a sucker for tentacles.  Ahahaha.

ObDisclaimer about stop 73, Rainy Fay Creations, and its proprietor being on my friends list.  Anyway.  She's provided these Steamdreamer outfits - you can just about make out the men's version on the boxes, and I am wearing the ladies' one.  No great problems for me in fitting the mesh, and I must say, I rather like this one.  The hat would undoubtedly look much better if I didn't have ears sticking out at the wrong spot.  Never mind.  Overall, it's a good thing.

So is this Victorian Memories Chest and Side Table With Dragon Vase from stop 74, An Lema.  For some reason, I always have lots of trouble finding the gear at An Lema, and I usually open it all grouchy and prepared to find fault as a result.  But there is no use me being grouchy here, because these are two very nice pieces of furniture, good-looking and with efficient mesh design to keep the LI low.  Basically, there are no faults to be found here.  Well done, An Lema, I forgive you for hiding your Hunt gear so damn effectively.

Texture pack from stop 75, Virtual Textures, and it kind of speaks for itself.

Here, I'm wearing the Da Vinci Wing Cord Necklace from 76, Cherie.  Camera constraints mean I can't get a decent close up while I'm wearing it.  Dunno why, I tick that "disable camera constraints" box, but this time, well, that's as close as I was able to get.  Anyway, it will repay closer inspection, it's nice.  (No, this is not an excuse to look down my cleavage.  Behave.)

Even less informative pack shot of a texture pack from 77, LilArt Creations.

Whoo boy.  This Steam Ferris Wheel from 78, Emma's@Blue Moose is, like, a fully functional Ferris wheel.  You touch the base and it rezzes seats which go round and round and everything.  I sat there for a while, revolving in high old style.  Fun.

Stop 79 is Roots & Wings Clothing, and the ladies get this Victoria blouse and Violetta skirt and boots.  The boots are not particularly visible in that shot, which is a shame, because they are rather nice.  There is a gents' outfit included, you can see it in the pack shot.  You can also see Tali in the background trying on hair.  She's there in case I urgently need to test a couples animation, you see.

Stop 80, Illuminations Library, and I think we have seen similar gadgets to this before from this venue.  The lady with the stern jawline there is Christina Rosetti, and if you click upon her slim volume, it recites one of her poems in text chat.  Miss Bulmer approves of Deathless Verse, so this is a nice thing to have.

This is a "Boho Spring Hall Tree" and it came as something of a surprise.  That word "Tree" tempted me into expectations that were not realised.  "Tree", apparently, does not mean a wooden leafy thing here.  Perhaps it is some term of art within the furniture making industry, and means "chair where the seat lifts up to reveal a storage space", which is what this is.  It comes from stop 81, Hearth and Home, and is nifty, if surprising.

It appears I have set Unpacking Isle on fire! - This is an animated texture, for an Old Gas Fire Stove, from animated texture specialists Sanna Science and Art (stop 82).  Usual comments about animated textures in a non-animated picture apply.  Actually, a few leaping flames are always handy to have.

Stop 83 is DSO, and they give us two outfits, "Dream Woman" (worn by me) and "Dream Man", on the box there.  I'm not sure what it means when you dream of a man with that... remarkable... complexion.  Anyway.  Mesh outfits, neat enough, except the sleeves I'm wearing are wide and flared and ruffled and should be soft and flowing, but - mesh being mesh - are entirely rigid instead.  That's a limitation of mesh, there, I think.  Perhaps SL2 will have... flexi-mesh, or something.  Who knows?
Stop 84 was Arcadia Asylum and had a cunning little mini-adventure, culminating in the receipt of a Victorian Exploring Balloon - which, sadly, fell victim to an SL bug which turns all its carefully-crafted sculpties into toruses.  Tori.  Whichever, it's not a good look, and I'm not snapshotting it in that condition, it wouldn't be fair to the creator.  I will backtrack and put up a piccy, when it's fixed.

Stop 85 is Ambient, which does some rather neat mesh clothing - mostly, much more modern than this "Lucinda" dress.  But it's good stuff.  I bought some things and they were reasonably priced and good quality and I could get them to fit my peculiar shape.  Generally to be commended, I think.
... and that's it for now.  I suspect the final instalment might turn out to be slightly vast.  Never mind.  It will be coming soon, allowing the discerning reader to cherry-pick anything good from this Hunt.  (And, as usual, there is a fair amount of good stuff here!)

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