Thursday, March 12, 2015

Steam Hunt X: Joyful Steampunk Unpacking

I'm going from number 61 to 70 tonight - but this includes the ten-item "Joy of Steampunk" mini-hunt at number 68, so there will be a lot of stuff to cover.  Here we go.

Starting with number 61, L+N Signature Designs, and a magnificently shiny Vintage Vehicle which is thoroughly splendid in all respects, although by L+N's standards this is positively sedate.  The readership-at-very-small may remember the enormous heavily armed mecha-bison from that place in the last Hunt I was on.  This is possibly more stylish and more... generally socially acceptable... than an enormous heavily armed mecha-bison.  It is stylish and responsive and beautifully detailed.

Steam Dream bed from number 62, Adelle Arts.  It's a bed, and it flies.  I think those bedposts share design elements, at least, with one of Adelle Arts's Steampunk Jetpacks.  Anyway.  Tali and I are lounging on it as it drifts through the skies of Burroughs.

Stop 63 is the Golden Oriole, and they did one of their little puzzle quests this time around, and these Kaleidoscopes are the prize.  They change colour, rather hypnotically.  Since there are two kinds, the O and the X designs, I suggested to Tali that you could play a very large and psychedelic game of noughts and crosses with them. 

Metal Steampunk Tree from number 64, Imagine Flowers and Garden.  Just the thing for your metal steampunk garden.  You could sit under it and listen to the merry swearing of the birds as they broke their beaks on it.

After all that, this pack shot of a texture pack ("Steam Fantastical" textures from Texture Junction, number 65) is almost a relief.

Stop 66, Olde Lampara Town, gives us this part mesh Fake Storefront façade.  If you have a shop to put behind it, actually, it's kind of handy.

Stop 67, The Vintage Touch, and this Steampunk Rivets Flask.  Um.  It's a nice enough mesh object, but you have to wonder what sort of booze they've been keeping in it....

And here we go with number 68!  The Joy of Steampunk mini-hunt, ten stops along the mean streets of New Babbage, and the first one gives us a - well, you can see me relaxing there on the top level of this Floating Home.  Does it have more than one level?  Oh, my, yes.

It is, in fact, quite something.  You can't really see the rotor holding it up, in that shot.  And I could have spent hours snapshotting the interiors alone, from the engine room in the basement to that domed conservatory on the top.  This thing is seriously amazing.

It is so amazing that the pair of airships (one "skybox", one "Cargo CQ") seem quite tame by comparison - but only by comparison.  The skybox one is on the right, with the larger passenger cabin suitable for, well, living in.  The "Cargo CQ" one, you could use as sim decoration, or as a small dance floor.  They're pretty nifty.

As also is this pleasingly plump two-seater Steampunk Submarine.  I took it for a test drive in the waters of Burroughs, down to the subsea base beneath the tower.  Somebody had turned the lights out, and the tentacle monster had got loose.  Honestly, you turn your back for two minutes.... Ahem.  Anyway, nice submarine.

Three-panel screen, "Cirque de Nuit".  A little transparent for undressing behind, but never mind that.

"Hover Seat Biggie".  Implies there's a tiny version available too.  I approve.  It's an attachment, I'm just flying normally there... but by jingo I am flying in style.

Steamy Mesh minidress (there is something more masculine for the gents, but I didn't check it out).  The dress is nice, but the décolletage is a little much.  This was about the fifth screen shot I took, and the first that didn't show rather more than I feel comfortable in revealing in this blog.  Tali didn't complain, mind.

Steampunk typewriter.  It emits steam, and types at a furious rate.  It would be wonderful if it came with a "stand there and type on it furiously" animation, but then it's quite sufficiently wonderful as it stands, I think.

"Albatross" airship.  We are doing jolly well for airships today, I think.

Collection of stuff here - two pictures, "Song for Helen" and "Lighthouse", and a pocket watch for someone with very large pockets.  Displays changing scenes of steampunk vistas on the left there.  Now, to find an appropriately sized watch chain.

Finally, a Steam Bath, enabling one to bathe, with or without rose petals, with or without a congenial companion.  Frankly, I think that one just speaks for itself.

And so we return to the main body of the Hunt, and number 69, Iron Tiger.  After those immense airships and submarines, it's an interesting contrast to have this Dirigimarine Ring, and an airship that fits on your finger.  Kind of cute at that.

Finally, for tonight at any rate, we have this Dreampunk Monocle from psychedelic fractal experts Spyralle, number 70 on the Hunt.  I observe, in passing, that we are doing pretty well for monocles on this hunt, in a quiet way.  The airships are noticeable, but I think the monocles are sneaking up on them.
That's all for this instalment, anyway.  And quite enough, some might think.

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