Sunday, June 22, 2014

Silk Road 5: Next Looting Installment

Must make an effort to get this finished before the Hunt ends!  So, another big slab coming up.

Stop 61, Lunar Seasonal Designs, and this Genie's Lamp Oasis pool.  Clicking on the lamp gives you a menu which allows you to retexture the pool, add various decorative elements, and so on.  I think they did something similar for the Steam Hunt... anyway, it's a good idea, and it's well implemented.

Stop 62, Timeless Textures, and (surprise) a texture pack.

And another from their sim neighbour, the USC Texture Tomb at 63.  An old favourite of mine, of course.

Stop 64, Rainy Fey Creations.  ObDisclaimer about the creator being a personal friend.  Necklace and earrings, the sort of thing we've seen before in the hunt... and a jewelled scimitar, which we decidedly haven't.  So, plus marks for originality as well as quality there.

Stop 65, RVi, Ali Baba's Treasure mesh chest.  Surprisingly economical on the LI, there, in fact.

Stop 66, stoned, and Lapis Lazuli bracelets (for ladies) and cuffs (for gents).  You can just about see it, because my hand moved just as I was taking the picture.  Isn't that always the way?

Stop 67, LilArt Creation, and another texture pack.

An Old Wagon in mesh from stop 68, Papilio.  Old, but in jolly good nick, I think!  How I wish I could say the same of myself.

Stop 69, the Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee, and this perfectly splendid Genie Hat.

Stop 70, Fuubutsu Dou, and a Kagaribi/Fires Basket.  Presumably, Kagaribi means something like "fires basket" in Japanese.  Well, I wouldn't know, would I?  Never been east of Clacton, me.  Anyway.  There it is, and it's pretty slick.

Stop 71, United InshCon, a coalesced object comprising a hookah, a set of sitting pillows, and a table.  What shape is the table?  Need you ask?

Stop 72, another texture pack from Virtual Textures.

 "Silk Road V Gift" from stop 73, Arkenstone.  It's a rug.  It's a nice rug, don't get me wrong, but I feel that little gripe about not knowing what to expect coming back to me.  OK, it's just me griping....

Stop 74, Holly's Fashions, and the Jeannie harem outfit.  (This thing automatically sent the male version the day after I'd picked up the gift... it's basically the same outfit but without the top.  I am not modelling that for you.)  The colour shading on the top seems a little strange.  It's better in dim light, but in bright sunlight, as there, it looks oddly flat, almost cel-shaded.  Maybe that's intentional.

Stop 75, Belle's Cabinet of Curiosities, and Ali Baba's Tea Table.  With much decoration, too.  Good old Ali Baba, he knows how to take tea in style. 

Stop 76, Aster's Builts, and an Arabian Tent Resting Area.  I said to Tali (who's buried under those barrels in the corner) that if your Arabian Tent is tired, now we have somewhere for it to rest.  Sometimes I wonder what she sees in me.

Stop 77, Panda Panda, and the Blue Night and Camels Folding Screen.  It folds.  It's shown unfolded, here, obviously.

Stop 78, Never Ever, and the BlueMoon necklace (ladies' version, gents' equivalent not shown).

Stop 79,  Sheds n'Shacks, and their Hide n'Peek Jars.  Big clay jars with various sitting positions in and around them.  You can see a blonde head peeping out of one jar, right?  And Tali's legs sticking out behind another one?  We had lots of fun with this one.  Strongly recommended.

Stop 80, Chaos, Panic and Disorder, had two main gifts, the Persepolis Necklace (ladies' version worn here)....

They also had an in-store mini-hunt which yields no fewer than nine Persian Rugs, in a variety of hues (Navy Blue shown here).  With that, the rugs leap into a commanding first place, leaving the screens and the octagonal tables fighting it out for second between them.

Stop 81, Chimeric Fashions, with a turban, brass face mask, and veil (also available in white, not pictured).  Nice, if specialised.  We have got to that stage of the proceedings where my outfit becomes increasingly eccentric, of course.

Stop 82, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, and these Aisha shoes are definitely on the retro side, I think.  Nice, though, and I really should wear flats more often.  There is something more butch for the men, but I don't have a picture.

Stop 83, Timeless Décor, offer this nice furniture set, with pot plant, and little boxes whose lids open and close, and a screen and an octagonal table.  It's a brave fight back, but the rugs' lead is going to be hard to beat at this stage, I fear.

Stop 84, Peckbeth Clothiers, perplexed me, but not for long... well, probably for too long, really.  There is a pagoda, containing that mesh coat in the first picture for the gents... but there is also a second gift, that turban thing which is more suitable for the ladies.  I was in agonies lest I had missed a pagoda, but it turned out I hadn't, the second gift is concealed in something else.  If I'd missed one of the Hunt pagodas, I'd never have held up my head again.
The mesh coat is a bit odd, I fear, because it's got an alpha texture... those black bits you can see are actual holes in the weave.  Fair enough, but there's an alpha for your body, too, leaving the distinct impression, if someone looks at you closely, that your torso is missing.  Well, de gustibus non est disputandum and all that.
That's it for now.  With luck, the next instalment will cover the massive mini-hunt at Mountain Rose, and then the next one will cover the rest of the Hunt.  There may also be a digression on more serious topics.  You have been warned.

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