Monday, June 23, 2014

Silk Road 5: the Mountain Rose Village mini-hunt

Stop 85 was an epic adventure in its own right, with much adventuring in caverns and rummaging behind piles of stuff and meeting, frankly, more giant spiders than I am personally comfortable with.  (I am comfortable, for future reference, with any integer number smaller than 1 when it comes to giant, or even moderately sizeable, spiders).  But to object to giant spiders is to cavil and carp and quibble, and I don't do any of those things.  Well, not much.

The nineteen mini-hunt gifts were well thought out, too, and fitted the theme of the hunt, with historical outfits from various places along the Silk Road, and a plethora of decorative and furniture items to put in the large house which was among the gifts.  At the end of it, you'd get quite a palatial SL dwelling.  I didn't tot up the full Land Impact of it all... actually, though, I don't think it was too outrageous, for what you get.  Pretty much all traditional SL design, though, rather than optimized mesh... but people can get mesh optimization wrong, so maybe that's for the best.

Anyway.  Let's see the pictures.
Starting with a three-panel screen.  Nice to see the fine old Hunt tradition being kept up there.

Bedroom and bathroom furniture.  While the bath has a cuddles menu, the bed allows full-on naughtiness to take place... dash it all, the one time Tali isn't around to help me test the animations!

Fun little thing for dispensing milk and cookies.

Small table with goblets.  Can't help feeling the table has four sides too few, but never mind!

Children's seating furniture.  This will be of relevance later.  I am too tall to pass myself off successfully as a child, though.

First of several outfits - actually, several sets of outfits, for different sexes and ages.  This one makes me a grown-up Arab Beggar Lady.

Decorative wall hangings with maps of the Silk Road.

Entrance hall furniture with seating and a choice of rugs.  Basically, by this stage, the rugs have won it, I think.

I have moved up the social scale a bit here, but am still an Arab Lady.  Other sexes and ages of Arabs are also available.  I have to admit, I make a no more convincing Arab than I do a child.

Decorative panels in inlaid wood frames.

More furniture - a bit random, this set!  Stove, hammock, table and coffeepot...

Geographical alert!  I am now a very unconvincing Indian Princess!

And here is where you put all that furniture.  A full sized Desert House.

A smaller sized building for the kiddies' stuff.  See?  It all comes together, does this.

An Ali Baba style pot, that you can sit in.  Distinctly hard to get out again, I found - I stood up, and was stuck inside it.  Maybe there's a trick to it that I haven't found yet.

Pool... thingy... with cuddles and stuff.

I am now a Venetian Lady.  And a lot more convincing, given that there are occasional blonde Venetians.
Kitchen and dining room furniture, including a rug with dances.

And the final outfit, in which I am an unconvincing Mongolian Lady Dancer.  No blonde Mongols either, you see, at least not as far as I am aware.
So there we are.  I must say, the powers that be over at Mountain Rose Village have pulled out all the stops with this lot!  Well done to them.
My next post should finish off the Hunt, thus enabling all you readers to cherry-pick the best loot before it ends.  That's the plan, anyway.

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