Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Following on from my friend Lindal Kidd's post here, I've been off to the ten sims of Fashion For Life, where a number of SL's talented designers are offering clothes for sale, with some or all of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society as part of the big Relay For Life push.  Same sort of thing as Fantasy Faire, in fact, only without the Fantasy theme.

The overall "theme", in fact, seems to be something to do with travel, with each sim being named after, well, some way of getting from place to place.  I started out in the FFL Journey sim, which looks like a sort of Steampunk 1900s New York, lots of brownstone tenements and odd steam-driven vehicles in the streets.

Then, looking out from the edge of the sim, you see the next one, FFL Trek, which appears to be an airport.

It has a mix of quite modern equipment with some old-fashioned modes of transport, and some rather fab art-deco style terminal buildings.  We all know I'm a sucker for art deco, right?

Moving on, the next sim is FFL Parade, which isn't quite so transport-y, being largely a winding path between ancient stone temples, with a water feature in the middle.  There are airships and tricycles, though, as you can see.

It's all rather nice, really.
Anyway.  Those are the three I've been to, so far.  I will be hitting the others, in part because I'm doing the passport game which Lindal mentions in her post.  This involves getting a passport HUD and then acquiring a "souvenir" item in each FFL sim which gives you a stamp on it.  Collect a full set of ten stamps and you can claim a free prize.  So far, my souvenirs comprise a kid's tricycle, a teddy bear holding an aeroplane, and a rabbit with a helicopter rotor on its back.  Well, that's SL for you.
I will observe, by the by, that the sims were rather quiet when I visited them.  This is a shame.  They are good builds, with good shops, for a good cause.  They should be busier than that!  Get out there and shop, dear readers.

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