Thursday, June 12, 2014

More FFL meandering

... wandering, journeying, perambulating... well, we shall see all sorts of synonyms!

I'm going to do the lot in one bumper instalment.  Consider yourselves warned....  Anyway.  The next sim around my path was FFL Wander, and it was kind of fun.  A simple pathway over the open sea, and the shops were just basic boxes, held up by balloons.

All very nice, though it pays not to lose your footing, since - what with the sims being no-fly and having a set landing point - falling to the bottom of the sea gets very frustrating.  I bought a hat at the store in that last picture, by the way, because they were donating all their proceeds to RFL.  I approve of that.  If you're going to be in a charity event, you might as well go the whole way.
The souvenir item for the passport game, in keeping with the build, was a simple hand-held balloon on a string.
Moving on, to a very trad-SL spaceport at FFL Promenade.

It was rather old-school, true, but it was also the most fun to explore - I couldn't open that red door you see in the last picture (it led to a boarding tube to a waiting spaceship), but there was a transporter room in one corner which took you to another section where there were things to look at.  Not many things, I grant you, because most of the sim was dedicated to the RFL vendors.  But enough to hold my interest.  Of course, I'm easily amused at the best of times.
The souvenir item?  A ray gun, naturally.  The only souvenir item that came in a box, since you wouldn't want people brandishing guns at FFL.  Especially not with those security robots around.  But wearing that box gave me my passport stamp, so that's OK.
Next up, a change of pace at FFL Amble.

Get your kicks on Route 66! This is an intensely realistic build, a slice of roadside Americana where you can smell the asphalt and hear the tumbleweeds rolling.  It's extremely atmospheric.  It stressed out my client no end, too.  I think it's pretty good, actually.
Souvenir item... I'm not entirely sure.  It looked like some sort of ice-cream sundae, but with a strip of roadway underneath it, and when I wore it, it appeared on my head.  I'm not sure I'm the sort of person who wears ice-cream sundaes on her head.  But the thing worked, so that's good enough for me.
On to FFL Meander.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!  With boardwalks, and yachts in the harbour, and... well, shops, I guess.  It's bright and breezy and clean and peaceful.  No brass band playing tiddley-om-pom-pom, though.  Well, you can't have everything.
Souvenir item: a pair of sunglasses.
Next up, FFL Perambulate.

Sort of a formal garden thing, possibly Asian, possibly not.  It has lots of detailed foliage, and those paths which loop and wind and cross over each other.  I liked strolling around it, it was kind of restful and peaceful.  I think it would have been nicer if there hadn't been any shops to distract me, but I suppose that would have been counter-productive, really.

Souvenir item: a skateboard.

Next, FFL Excursion.

Well, they can't all be brilliant.... This was very trad-SL, but not in a good way.  Oh, yes, it had canals, and a balloon tethered in the middle, but it was all very unengaging, on the whole.  I mentioned to Tali that it put me in mind of Helfell Infohub, which is not somewhere you'd want to be reminded of.  There wasn't anything actually wrong with it, I guess.  Just... nothing outstandingly right, either.  I was more excited about the airport sim, which tells you something.

Souvenir item... I've actually forgotten what it was.  I mean, I got it, so it must have been something, right?  But it honestly eludes me.

And so, I completed my great circle of FFL with FFL Voyage.

Tali and I couldn't really figure out the theme for this one.  My first thought was that it was mediaeval, what with the timbered buildings and the watchtower by the cliffs.  Then I found mopeds, which rather put paid to that idea.  Then I noticed the giant wooden moped parked on a roof, so I just decided to let it slide and went shopping.  It's a nice enough setting, if a bit baffling.

Souvenir item: a small wild boar, very realistic in shape and texture, apart from the "Go Hog-wild For Fashion" message stencilled on its hairy flank.

That actually completed my set of passport stamps, so I trundled off to the gift reclamation centre, and after some deliberation got myself a decorative mobile of airplanes and things, by way of a memento.  I picked up some other stuff along the way, too, including that hat I mentioned, and a pair of shoes which I may have to draw a line under, and some stuff from favourite stores of mine like MEB and Spyralle which have a presence here.

So there we are, then.  Fashion For Life.  Worth a visit, I think.

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