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Silk Road 5: The Looting

OK, OK, I got distracted by FFL - I haven't forgotten about Silk Road, though, and I have been unpacking stuff and snapshotting as I go.  In fact, Tali and I slightly remodelled a bit of Burroughs (unofficially designated "Unpacking Isle") so it had more of a flat surface to work with.

Anyway.  I shall kick off with a bumper issue, and try to keep more up to date as I go along.  Honest.

Starting at the Hunt start, with number 1 - well, that makes sense, doesn't it?  The gift, of course, is the obligatory Hunt bracelet.  An innovation: this time, it's got the lotus tracks texture included as well as the pagoda sculpt, thus ensuring that both these essential textures are already downloaded and rezzed when you get onto a new sim.

Number 2, nice little mesh octagonal table from Unrepentant.  Subsequent unpacking was to reveal a lot of little octagonal tables....

Stop 3, Play Dead, and a Thieves' Belt and Thieves' Backpack (versions sized for both ladies and gents.)  They fitted me fine, they're good-looking accessories.

Stop 4, a Jeweled Box from Lantian Flox.  Not only does it rhyme, it opens and closes on touch.  Neat mesh workmanship, too.  That boring shot probably doesn't do it justice.

Stop 5, Morgiana outfit from Goddess Fantasies.  IIRC there is something for the gentlemen as well, but I don't have a pack shot for some reason.  (What reason?  Either there's no picture of the gift on the packaging, or I am lazy and disorganized and forgot to take one.  Take your pick.)

Stop 6, a Moroccan Table and accessories from Fairey Angel Creations.  Second small octagonal table.

This is a CakeFoxGardenAliBabaRosePlanter from stop 7, Cake Fox.  Nice efficient mesh design.  Pretty thing.  I do hope Cake Fox's spacebar gets better soon, though. (It came in a CakeFoxGardenAliBabaRosePlanterBox, by the way.)

Stop 8, an Asian Screen from Keshiki Garden Centre.  Actually two Asian Screens, a three panel one pictured here, and one that just has the single central panel.  I wouldn't want to get undressed behind it, but it's nice.

Stop 9, Salome Design, and Ali Baba's Tower.  It's in two components, the tower itself and the flaming lantern you can see in the middle.  Highly decorative!

Stop 10 gives two completely disparate gifts.  This is Ali Baba's Cave, from Independent Objects...

... and this is the Jasmin harem outfit from Sweet Revs.  Maybe not the sort of clothes I'd want to go caving in, but pretty nice.  (The mesh pants fit!  One thing about this Hunt - so far, the mesh clothing has actually fitted me, mostly.  This is unusual enough to be worth mentioning.)

Stop 11, Epic Toy Factory, and the St. Paddy's Treasure Chest, which is sittable upon and has a selection of entertaining animations.  We all know I don't mind compromising my dignity for the sake of these Hunts, right?

Stop 12, Hearth and Home, and the Zakariah Room Divider set, including the room divider with the plants, the mesh chair, and - oh look! - a small octagonal table.

Fair number of rugs in the hunt, too.  This rug and decorative panels comprise the Imperial Design set from stop 13, The Vintage Touch.  Low-prim and fancy textures.  Which is good.

Another three-panel screen, this time from stop 14, Gothic's Musing.  So far, the score is screens 2, rugs 1, small octagonal tables 3.

Ali Baba has another Cave, this time from stop 15, Designs by Sebastian.

He and his forty thieves also have a Pool Room, courtesy of stop 16, John's Ancient Treasures.  This thing is huge, and comes with cushions and stuff for lounging on.  The linking and sit-targeting are a little eccentric, but I'm prepared to forgive that for the sheer visual effect.

Stop 17, Spyralle, and this mesh Silk Hood and Brooch.  I have a lot of time for Spyralle, and they deserve praise for melding the theme of the Hunt (silk road) with their own overarching theme, complex fractal patterns.

Stop 18, assorted furniture from An Lema.  Another screen - but no small octagonal table!

Stop 19, Fantasy China, and this perfectly triffic full-perms mesh dragon.  Tali squee'd at it as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  It takes good stuff to make Tali squee.

 Small (but perfectly formed) Arabian Temple from stop 20, Dragon Magick Wares.

Stop 21, Jan's Bazaar, and Janeel Kharg, as is oft her wont, arranged a mini-hunt here.  All six of the gifties (some of which included more than one item) are displayed here, and they all add up to a pretty Arabian-nights sort of scene.  And there is a small octagonal table.  We cannot do without those.

This decorative - indeed, very decorative - piece is from stop 22, Pierre Ceriano.  I can imagine fitting this into one of his previous Silk Road gifts, actually.  Anyway, it's gorgeous.

 Floral Elephant Slip-ons from stop 23, 14-FL-OZ.  They have something butcher for the gents, too, don't worry.
Stop 24, Bibliotheque de Coeur, and in keeping with their purpose, they give us a HUD book telling the story of Ali Baba.  Obviously, rezzed inworld here, not stuck to my HUD.

Herbal Apothecary mesh plants from stop 25, Deep Blue Sea.  I should remember what the plants are (they're all medicinal herbs), but I don't.  Oh, speaking of things I don't remember - this one reminded me.  That souvenir, from one of the FFL regions?  The one I couldn't remember?  It was a pot plant.

Stop 26, Luminous Designs, and this garden sitting scene.  Coalesced object - very nice, demands a little care and attention in rezzing it and setting it up.

Arabian Nights Low Table With Cushions from Park Place, stop 27.  Lots of sitting animations, and that plate and that lamp also provided as separate accessories.

Destiny's Designs, stop 28, give us accessories for the Steampunk Traveller outfit that I think came from them in the last Steam Hunt.  (Pictured holding and wearing the ladies' stuff, standing in front of the pack for the gents'.)  Handy enough things to have in their own right.

Stop 29, Eclectic Stars, and "The Spice Must Flow".  I didn't know what to expect from "The Spice Must Flow", so I rezzed it with some sense of trepidation.  In the event, a spice rack makes perfect sense.

Stop 30, ~XM~, and Ali Baba's Tent.  Complete with sitting, dancing, and sitting watching someone dance animations.  So far, Ali Baba has had Caves, a Tent, a Pool Room and a Tower.  All very well, but as a long-time fan of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, I am really hoping for Ali Baba's Camel at some point.

Stop 31, Buccaneer's Restorations, and a Stylized Tree of Life.  Big panel reproducing an ancient carving in high-rez texture.  Good low-prim decorative piece, anyhow.

 Stop 32, Rag Dollz, and the Thieves' Quest outfit (wearing female, you can see the male version on the pack).  Pinker than I usually go for, but quality stuff.  Again, the mesh harem pants fit properly.  Which is good.
Can't really judge on stop 33, [free bird].  Fingernails for SLink hands, and I don't have any SLink hands, so I can't really show them off.  There's the package, anyway.  Completely inadequate, I know, and it's all my fault.  Sorry.

Stop 34, Adelle Arts, and a magic carpet.  It flies.  It flies quite sedately, so you can lounge about on it with the catlady of your choice... I like it.

Stop 35, Kismet, and "Ottoman Scroll" floor lamps - come in three sizes, two of which are shown here.  I like the design.  Fancy.

Stop 36, Cog & Fleur, and another screen, the "Persian Qajar Acrobats" screen.  I think the screens are now equal with the small octagonal tables.

Mini-hunt and three gifts from 37, Zoe's Garden.  These things (flower, lamp, and "croton", which Tali told me is some kind of plant - I thought it was a Doctor Who monster, but Tali is more sensible than I am) are nice, but a little heavy on the Land Impact.

Stop 38, VMDD, and a Luxury Tent.  It's big.  I think it's more authentic than decorative, though.

Stop 39,  and Tali and I switch to another magic carpet, this one from Potpourri and billed as a "relaxing" one.  It doesn't fly about, it just bobs gently up and down.  Which I guess is relaxing, come to think of it.

Finally (for this post) another one I can't do justice to - a pack shot of a texture pack from stop 40, McMinnar's Oddments.  Do we all know that I love texture packs?  This one is for Brown Stone Walls, though, so can I use it on a small octagonal table?  Who knows?
And that's all for this post.  And quite enough, some might think!

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