Friday, June 20, 2014

Silk Road 5: The Looting continues

(Previous post attracted this blog's first ever spam comment.  The spammers must be getting desperate, that's all I can say.  Anyway.  Onwards and upwards!)

First up, stop 41, Sweet Sorrows, and their "Salman's Rug 4two".  Rug and cushions with, as the name implies, couples animations.  I was using it solo in that shot, but a nice catlady soon came along to help me try out the fun stuff.

This is the "Ali Baba hunt gift" from stop 42, Les Sucreries de Fairy.  A sort of scene, with a cauldron, and blue trees, and a couple of pose balls.  Opinion is divided as to the yellow bent thing at the top.  I think it's a crescent moon, Tali thinks it's a banana.  Either one could be fun.

Stop 43, L+N Signature Designs, with their signature ornate craziness applied to this AeroFly vehicle.  And very nice it is too.  I pedalled it around the sky in Burroughs with great enjoyment.

Pack shot of texture pack from stop 44, Texture Junction.  Usual comments about desirability of texture packs and boringness of pack shots apply.

Stop 45, LaNoir Soleil, gives us this Crossed Swords necklace (and earrings, that you might just be able to make out).  I was rather more impressed by the workmanship on the necklace bit than by the crossed swords themselves, oddly enough.

Stop 46, Imagine, and these rather nice sculpted pots.  Rather nice, but... I wish, sometimes, shops would label their gifts with something a bit more informative than "Hunt Gift".  Just so I have a clue what's in the box, and how far I should stand back when I rez its contents.  I mean, this is SL, there could be anything in a Hunt Gift.

There were more necklaces and earrings in the gift from stop 47, Hudson's Clothing.  Snake necklace and earrings for the ladies, and a Snake Charmer necklace for the gents (not pictured here).

Stop 48, Miss Darcy, and this... eye-catching... SimSim Cloak.  A mesh coat, basically.  There is one for the gentlemen, too, in an even more eye-catching design.  If you want to pretend you are the sixth Doctor Who, for instance, this might help.

Stop 49, Les Arts de Saint Bruno, and a bunch of art prints, three of which are shown here - two are by Laurence Housman and one isn't.  All of them are in the Hunt theme.  Even though they are Art Nouveau and I am an Art Deco gal, I still like them.

Stop 50, Orchid Petal Designs, and this Paradise Retreat building, which at least they warned me was a building.  Nice, but a touch heavy on the Land Impact (130)... it's a partial mesh build, and I can't help but feel that those tend to fall between two stools, as it were, and often end up more expensive than either an all-prim or an optimized mesh build.  This is pretty, though, and if you have plenty of spare LI about, it'd form the basis for a very pleasant home.

Stop 51, Dreamscape Wedding Designs, and their Thieves' Rest rug, bench, and potted palm tree.  The rug has couples animations.  As you can see, Tali succumbed to the allure of the SimSim cloak there, and pounced on me.

Stop 52, Swan, and this Merchant's Cart, which you can pull and someone else can ride in, or vice versa if I had my way.  Good thing: comes in four versions, one completely unscripted and three with different positionings for differently sized avatars.  I am almost certainly using the wrong one in that shot.  Never mind.

More texture pack goodness from stop 53, All Things Beautiful.

Magic Flying Carpet from stop 54, Gatcha's Bubbles.  Good fun, but... it's a vehicle with no-copy permissions.  Given the horrible things that can happen to vehicles when they hit sim boundaries or ban lines, I would feel nervous about using it, except for short flights on a single sim.

Stop 55, Dragon's Designs, gives us these RedDragonSilk harem pants for the ladies, with a corresponding dhoti (not pictured) for the gents.  Again, I was able to find a pair that fitted without making my bum look huge.  Mesh design is looking up.

Doing OK here, too, with the basic Steampunk Traveller outfit from stop 56, Destiny's Designs.  (Shown wearing the ladies' version, in front of the pack shot for the gents).  This is a partner gift to the one earlier, from Suki's Silken Fashions, which had the accessories for this outfit.  Well, fair enough.

Stop 57, Mikki Miles Musical Instruments, and this charming little drum - a Darbuka, apparently.  Click upon it and it plays a sprightly rhythm.  Which is more than I do, believe me.

Stop 58, SOMA School of Design, and "Lavender Silks" for the ladies, with a choice of embroidered waistcoats (not pictured) for the gents.  I can't criticise that outfit... let's face it, there isn't enough of it to criticise.

 Stop 59, the Mad Hattery, exercises its characteristic restraint and decorum in the matter of millinery.  There's a camel on that hat!  Ali Baba's camel!  Its tail is pointing backwards, that's how a camel smiles.

Another texture pack from stop 60, Textures Unbound.  The pack shot actually tells its own story, so you just go and read it, dear readers.  I'll wait.
That's all for this instalment.  Coming up... more of the same, most likely.

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