Saturday, March 22, 2014

Unpacking from the Hunt: the penultimate (?) installment

I might get it finished with the next batch.  Or not.  We shall see.

Anyway, here we go.

Stop 81, Hudson's Clothing Co., gives us this "Together Forever" jewelry set - ladies' necklace and earrings pictured (OK, one earring, with that hair, but that's enough for me), also an alternative gents' necklace.  Looks good to me.  "Together Forever" might be a bit optimistic for those little padlock things, given that I can open a padlock in about a minute and a half using nothing more than a penknife.  But the thought is sound.

Stop 82, Destiny's Designs, "Steampunk Traveller" outfit.  Ladies' version pictured here, the gents' one is quite different, fortunately.  Looks like the jacket top is based on the same template as the one from AdelleArts, much earlier in the list.  This is fine by me, at least it's mesh I can wear, and the texture work is good.

Also in that shot, Steaming Love Birds from number 83, ~XM~ Designs.  Sculpted decorative piece, with turning cogs at the bottom of the cage, so we know that either this is Steampunk, or those lovebirds have been on a seriously weird diet.

Stop 84, Miss Darcy, and a Caged Heart.  Doing well for cogs and winged things in cages so far today, aren't we?  This cogged-up heart can be set to sparkle for one special person alone.  That's kind of cute.

Stop 85, Timeless Timepieces, and a Simple Hourglass.  Here, I must confess that my hunting skills failed me, as I found on opening the prize that there is another, presumably More Complex, prize hidden nearby on the sim.  I should probably go and find that, morbid completist that I am.

Stop 86, Rag Dollz, and hats! hats! hats!  A total of ten hats, five brown and five black, each with a different tartan on the band.  This definitely returns to the "hatty" theme I mentioned in an earlier post.  They're good hats, mind.  Wouldn't expect anything else from Rag Dollz.

Stop 87, Rainy Fey Creations, obligatory disclaimer about the proprietor being a personal friend... her Gear-it-Up boots are nice, though.  They use quality components, including a resizer script by one T. Rosca, who was standing right next to me when I opened the box, and was chuffed.

 Stop 88, Classic Steam Accessories, and a choice of hats, the ladies' version shown here, the more macho one with brazen portholes instead of Van Gogh prints being intended, presumably, for the gentlemen.  Yes, the teapot is entirely functional and dispenses a cup of tea.  Which is all you could ask of a teapot and more than you'd expect of a hat.

Stop 89, Chimeric Arts & Fashions, gives us Stiched (sic) Skull Masks in black (pictured) and brown.  The spelling may be iffy, but the masks are splendidly sinister.  If I ever rob a bank, I know what to wear for the job.

Stop 90, Holly's Fashions, and the "Romancing the Dream" outfits for men (on the box, natch) and women (worn).  Um.  It looks good in this shot... it would look good in any static pose... but it kind of illustrates a deficiency of pure mesh design, in that those soft feminine flowing ruffled sleeves are completely rigid.   I tried to convince Tali that they'd just put too much starch in the laundry, but I don't think she bought it.  Oh, well.  As I say, it'd look good in a static pose.

Stop 91, Art Unbound, and a texture pack featuring Victorian era chemists' labels.  I have got to find an excuse to use that "Spirit of Vitriol" one.  Absolutely got to.

Stop 92, SRL Leatherwerx, and two of their sculpted furniture items, an Octagonal Pie Crust Table and a Ewer and Basin.  Good sound decorative sculpts, as we would expect from this long-standing SL supplier of same.

Stop 93, Cog & Grog, and another Arcadia Asylum offering, Professor Mittens, the steampunk exploring cat!  He doesn't actually do much besides sit there and look cute... but, come on, he's a cat, sitting there and looking cute is pretty much his job description.

Stop  94, Luminous Designs.  I can't comment on the gentlemen's outfit here, as there wasn't a picture on the box and I didn't unpack it, but this is the Steampunk Lolita dress for the ladies.  The mesh pretty much works on me, and the detailing is nice.  Bit more modest than one might have expected, given the name, but who's complaining?

Stop 95, Panda Panda, and a folding screen with a Steampunk-y scene on it.  It folds and unfolds on touch - shown here unfolded, so you can get something like a proper look at it.

Once more, it's just a texture pack, and looks like nothing much until you use the textures.  This one's from number 96, the SOMA School of Design.

Stop 97, L+N Signature Designs, and - as is their Signature - it is designed with lots of swoopy Art  Nouveau curves and much shininess.  It plays a tune and the sculpted ballerinas dance.  Once again, we wouldn't expect anything other than quality from this shop.

Stop 98, COOGER & DARK'S WAX MUSEUM, and a figurine of Vlad Drakulya, textured and normal-mapped to within an inch of my graphics card's life.  Incredibly detailed figurines seem to be their thing, and they do it well.  The Wax Museum itself is well worth a visit, by the way.  Be prepared for things to take a while to load, mind.  But it's worth the wait.

Stop 99, Pierre Ceriano - who is listed on this blog's short roll of followers, hello there! - and who has supplied some jolly nice creative stuff in previous Hunts.  This time, we get a "Steam Hunt Gift" which is this sort of gazebo affair, complete with a bed based on a tin of sardines, and a complimentary bottle of champagne.  Which I think constitutes doing things in style.  I approve.

Stop 100, Drow Science, gives us this Steampunk Airship Daedalus Mini - actually, several variants of the same model airship, which go round and round in different radius circles.  Good detailed little model, would suit a Steampunk aeronautical laboratory or something, purely as a decorative piece.  Look at Professor Mittens, there, you can see he's impressed.

And that's all for now.  I hope, in my next, to reach stop 126 and the end of the Hunt, thus enabling the readership-at-very-small to take a look at all the items and cherry-pick whichever ones they want.  I'm here to provide a service, you know.  Or to rabbit on about stuff pointlessly.  One of the two.

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