Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's keep the old momentum going, shall we?

At least to the point where I fall flat on my face.

Anyway.  The swag from stops 21 through 30 of the Steam Hunt follows herewith...

Stop 21, the Arcadian Minstrel, with this pianola and accompanying stool.  The stool has a piano-playing animation so you can pretend to be a virtuoso.  The pianola comes with that haunting old ditty, "Come into the Garden, Maud".  I can sing along with that one, you know.  And will unless my demands are met.
Stop 22, the Steam Rose.  This place had tentacle monsters, I approve of it.  Also, steampunk dance machines, two of which are rezzed here.  One is empty and stands ready for your input; the other (as you can tell by my posture, perhaps) is preloaded with singles dances.  Nice one.

"The Jeweler" outfit from 23, Brain Circuit.  The gentlemen's equivalent is very similar.  Solid traditional-SL outfit - the best feature is probably the multi-lensed glasses with very nice textures on the lenses, which you can't see properly in this photo because I'm rubbish.

Stop 24, Entity, gives us an Alchemist Master Cauldron.  Click on it and it stirs itself.  Good detailed textures and a high efficiency build (only 9 LI for the whole thing).  Tali, as you can see, was so moved by it that she rezzed a broomstick to fly around it on.

Ladies' and Gents' "Time Explorer" outfits from stop 25, A Rare Vintage.  I am wearing the ladies' version, for reasons which are perhaps understandable.  Must look for a cane-wielding AO if I'm to carry that cane, though.  With my usual ones, I keep brushing winsomely at my hair, which generally results in my sticking the cane through my head. 

Stop 26, Virtual Textures, gives us a texture pack.  These things never look exciting when I take a snapshot of the packaging, but they are worth having, and the textures themselves will end up sprayed on something more visually interesting.  Sometime.  When I get back into the swing of some serious building.  I hope.

Stop 27, Sanna Science & Art, the animated texture specialists, presented us with two packs of animated textures, from which I have selected two representative objects for display.  In a still image, which kind of defeats the object, really.  I'm behind the golden heart with the flapping clockwork butterflies on it, if you're interested.  (The Pre-Raphaelite looking person is the Lady of Shalott.  I once got in terrible trouble by insisting it was a poem about menstruation, based on the line "'The curse is come upon me', cried the Lady of Shalott."  I was not as sensible then as I am now, which is saying something.  But I digress.)  (And I'm stuck in brackets again!  It's just like old times.)

Stop 28, [S & S] Clockworks, mesh writing desk.  Actually, mesh writing desk, coggy chair, and working candle, all in one coalesced object.  Kind of neat, in an unpretentious way.  Another thing that would come in handy if I still had straight walls.

Stop 29, the Neo-Victoria RP sim, gives a total of five items in a mini-hunt.  I've rezzed three here; the calendar (choose your month and its image with a click), a sculpt mailbox in green patinated bronze, and a mesh hat for the ladies.  Not pictured; shiny gold mailbox and matching mesh hat for the gentlemen.  A close-up of the calendar follows so you can see the picture for March is different.

Stop 30, Ankh Morpork, gives us another mini-hunt, from which we get a small bar, a couple of drinks dispensers, and some bar stools (also a pin and a picture frame, not shown here.  The pin didn't rez, for some reason.  I was getting extremely laggy by this time, it's probably down to that.  You can see from my posture that I'm a bit the worse for wear, can't you?)  Anyway, this is a bit of fun!

Further posts along this theme will follow with grim inevitability.  You Have Been Warned.

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