Friday, March 21, 2014

And again...

Must pick my feet up a bit if I'm to get all of these done with time to spare before the end of the Hunt!

Anyway.  Here we go again with the next short batch.

Stop 71, !Elemental, and this Gold and Amber ring (with a somewhat larger one available for gentlemen).  It's neat, and includes a control script for fiddling with things like shine and glow and full bright.

Something rather larger from stop 72, Potpourri Garden Designs - this Victorian Garden Patio.  There's a fountain inside that building part.  Inside that particular building, too, is a slightly startled Tali.  I say slightly startled, because being suddenly hit over the head with a building is too common an SL accident to get very worked up over.

"Hiyo, Silver, away!" I cried.  This is a Steampunk Unicorn from number 73, Julia Collection.  It's an attachment, you can ride around on it.  Kind of cute.

Stop 74, Les Sucreries de Fairy, gives us this mesh... thing.  It floats over your shoulder.  The descriptions are kind of lacking.  Tali reckons it's based on a drone from one of the Fallout games, but I only ever played the first one, so I don't really know.  In the absence of any other information, I'm going with... thing.  Again.

Once again, Tali volunteers to test the couples animations with me, this time for the Victorian Bench with Gears from number 75, Park Place Home Décor.  It's a nice thing.  The rug underneath it is separate.  We know I approve of rugs, right?  For that matter, I approve of this bench, too, it looks classy.

Stained Glass Floor Lamp from stop 76, Griss' General Store.  Typical of Griss and its well-made bits and bobs.  Rather more decorative, in fact, than their usual runs of homey folksy pioneer-y stuff, suitable for any little houses you might care to build on any passing prairie.  I'm rambling.  Anyhow.  Lamp.  Looks good, sheds light, who could ask for anything more?

Stop 77... Arcadia Asylum Living Library.  Arcadia Asylum is very nearly an SL institution by now, and deservedly so.  The main prize here, the box for which is lurking behind the clockwork AleyBot... is a complete set of carnival attractions.  Booths, rides, gimmicks, whatnot, everything you need to build your own SL Golden Mile or something.  It's impressive, both for the sheer number of the items, and for the quality of the sculpt and texture work.  I've rezzed just a few of them in the second snapshot, because I just wouldn't have room on that little island for everything.  (I'd probably have enough LI spare in Burroughs, mind, as those sculpts are pretty darn efficient.)  This is another "go to that hunt stop and get that prize right now" sort of thing.

After all that, the boxed texture pack from stop 78, USC Texture Tomb, looks sadly anticlimactic, doesn't it?  But I have found uses for many, many, many USC texture packs in the past, and I will undoubtedly use the Clock Faces contained herein.  It might not look much in this snapshot, but it's still a quality gift.

Stop 79,  Pirate Queen Designs, gives us this Steam Space Pirate outfit (pretty much unisex, though there's an alternative prim coat-tails attachment for the gents).  Very old-school SL, this.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Have I ranted about mesh and standard sizing and why it never fits this week?  No?  I'll get round to it... anyway, it's a problem you don't have with system layers, isn't it?  Am I still in these brackets?)

Stop 80 is... not ready yet.  One of only two that are Not Ready Yet.  Speaks well for the Hunt's organization and the enthusiasm of the merchants, that does.  RL's only managed to scupper two of them.  Anyway.  That's yer lot for the moment, then.

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