Monday, March 17, 2014

The great unpacking adventure continues....

Continuing to unpack the boxes from Steam Hunt IX and submit the contents to my superficial and ill-informed opinions....
Stop 31, The Urchin, and this really rather nice SteamHunt Flappter.  I'm a sucker for exotic vehicles, and this is a delightful example of the breed.
Tree House Treasures at number 32 gives us a "Heart on your Sleeve" sort of ... decorative armband thing.  It has cogs, and they turn.  It's kind of neat.  (Comes in ladies' and gents' versions, the ladies' seen here).

I did say I was a sucker for vehicles, right?  The Bitten Prim at 33 gives us this... interesting... way of getting around.  "Nurse Raina", there, I must say, looks really happy to be here.  I suppose, of course, she's got a difficult patient to deal with.

AdelleArts, at number 34, offers a pair of outfits (ladies' seen worn, gents' outfit still in the box).  Must say, I was pleasantly surprised with this one, as it's mesh, it's nice, and above all, it fits.Which so much mesh, still, does not.  As luck would have it, I had reasonably compatible makeup on, too.
Stop 35, Cake Fox, and their SteampunkTopHat.  It is... quite a hat.  I managed to resist the urge, though, to go to a theatre and sit in front of someone.

Stop 36, *Kismet*, and the Arronax Table and Stools.  Intricate detail on top of a nice efficient mesh object or two, there.  A good thing.
 Stop 37, MadPea, and the Steam Skull Music Box.  Well, would you expect anything other than eccentric and beautifully made stuff from MadPea?  It plays a tune when the top of the skull flips open.  Sort of.
Stop 38, Steaming Ahead, and the Steam Piano.  Despite appearances, this impressive object is not tuneful.  What it offers is a set of couples animations, in tune (as it were) with the "romance" theme of this Hunt as a whole.  Miss Tali Rosca nobly and selflessly volunteered to help me test them.  (Nothing, I hasten to add, unsuitable for the eyes of children, maiden aunts, or innocent clanks.)

Stop 39, Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture, and a Resizeable Rug.  Quite a large size for a base, and with a gloriously intricate pattern on it.  Rugs are good.  They make a bare floor much more interesting, do rugs.

Stop 40, Izo's, and first obligatory disclaimer about having the creator on my friends list.  Izo Ryba always seems to go for straightforward, neat and decorative when making Hunt items, and this set of three little tables is no exception.  I just hope the photo does justice to the texture work on those tables, actually.

Stop 41, Hearth & Home, and the "Steamy Trends" furniture set.  A coalesced object, here, featuring steamer trunk, wingback chair, decorative pictures, working lamp, and that round thing you probably can't see properly, which is a pipe in an ashtray.  All good sound stuff.

 Quaint & Curious Contraptions at 42 gives us this Gear Heart Pocket Watch, which probably works a whole lot better if you have, I dunno, pockets or something.  It's neat, anyway.  And yes, it's a working watch, the hands go round and show the right time and everything.
Land of Nodd at stop 43 gives us this Steampunk Music Player.  In addition to being a nice decorative thing, it works as a music player, and comes with three songs that you "wear" to load into the player itself.  Its rendition of Abba's "Super Trouper" has to be heard to be believed.  Fun!

Number 44, Spyralle, and the Airship Pilot's Navigational Mask.  It has cogs, so all is well.  I've no idea how it helps you navigate... Tali suggested you take spice with it.  Nice thing, though.  I've got a lot of time for Spyralle, the designs there are unfailingly interesting.
Stop 45, Gothic's Musing, and a floating platform with electrical effects, Tesla's Aether Hideout.  Looks good.  Don't know how Tesla is supposed to hide out on it, mind.  You'd think it'd be a bit bad, as a hideout, what with all the flashing lights.  I'm carping.  Or nitpicking.  One of the two.

Stop 46, Orchid Petal Designs, and the "Garden After Dark", seen here in broad daylight because my timing is lousy.  It's a huge cog, with trees and flowers in the middle, and seat cushions (and, not shown, a clock) spaced around it.  Another one with romantic couples animations.  Once again Tali nobly steps into the breach to help me demonstrate.

 Stop 47, GRSP, and the Clockwork Projector, which is also better seen after dark, I suspect.  (The semi-transparent beam linking the projector and the screen would show up a lot better.)  Intricate design, detailed texture work, turning cogs, editable so you can add your own pictures to the slideshow on the screen... this is a good one.
 Number 48, Dreamscape Wedding Design, and another furniture set, featuring room divider, candelabra, and this Steampunk Romance Lounge, a couch with, you guessed it, couples animations.  I may have to start paying Tali for her help at this rate.

Lunar Seasonal Designs at 49 give us this Menu Driven Clockwork Koi Pond and Fountain.  This one doesn't have couples animations.  It does, however, have a truly impressive range of menu options for selecting textures on the various components, not to mention adding sculpted moving koi carp to the pond.  All reasonably economical in terms of LI too... this is a highly versatile decorative piece.  And the fountain has a superfluous cog, too, making it unquestionably Steampunk.

Number 50, Aftershok, and this mesh "Love Mask" (it has goggles, too, not shown here).  Well made, but perhaps, err, something for those with specialized tastes!  Personally, I prefer to have my mouth free while making love.  But, y'know, horses for courses and all that.

At this point, Tali and I got distracted and went off to do something else.  There will be more, stay tuned.  (I must say, there has been some darn good stuff in the Hunt thus far.  The merchants and designers have done us proud.)


  1. These things might work better in combination. For example, wear the Navigational Mask to get to the Hideout, where you have placed some of the romantic furniture. Then wear the Love Mask when you leave, so as not to be recognized.

    1. That could work! With masks on, Tali and I would be completely anonymous... just one more seven-foot blonde and her half-jaguar consort. (Well, you see them all the time in SL, you know.)