Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unpacking from the Hunt, the next installment!

Here we go again!
Starting at number 51, Top Katz, and a Gold Pocket Watch.  Actually, two pocket watches, one you can put in your pocket, and one you can hold in your left hand (you can just see it there) and consult.  Both of them tell you the time, and have an optional hover text to help you with that.

Stop 52, Chaos, Panic & Disorder, provide ladies' and gents' versions of this Explorer's Pendant, with a compass in it.  Ladies' version seen here, for obvious reasons.

The gift from number 53, House of Byzantine, rather defeated my efforts to photograph it.  You'll just have to take my word for it that the box, there, is playing a Steam Balloon Ambient Travel Song.  An appropriately atmospheric piece of music, to be sure.

This "Steampunk Art School" texture pack from stop 54, Texture Junction, suffers much the same problem.  All I can do is take a picture of the box.  Doesn't do it justice, really.

Nor does this, which is the interior of just one room of the Victorian Skybox from number 55, Domicile.  As is often the case with skyboxes, it's just a large uninteresting box from outside.  Those Victorian interiors, though, are anything but uninteresting.

Stop 56, Rozamyndi's, gives us this cute burlesque outfit for the ladies, and a version of the hat, and that plaque thing with cogs (a "Steampunk machine") for the gents.  I think the ladies rather get the better of the deal there.
Weka Steam at 57 gives us this really nifty Air Ferry airship.  I've always liked Captain Weka's designs, and this one certainly does not disappoint.  Most definitely not.

Err... you know how I said, a couple of posts back, how top hats and brains in jars were Steam Hunt staples, but you didn't often see them combined?  The Thinking Hat from 58, SparkWorks... rather proves me wrong about that.  You seem to get more of the brain stem included in this hat than you did with the other one.  That's a bonus.  I think.

Number 59, sadly, isn't ready at the time of writing.  I may have to do a special supplementary issue for that one.  So we move on to number 60, VM Detail & Design, and this Drop Leaf Tea Table set.  Coalesced object, comprising table, rug, and four chairs, all with immensely detailed and lovely textures.  Nice.

Stop 61, An Lema, gives us this part-mesh writing desk with assorted knick-knacks on it, and a folding screen (which actually does fold or unfold on command).  Fun things, nicely made.  It's not really as low down as it looks here, I just rezzed the desk too low, and also I am standing on a hillock.

Stop 62, Kabuki Creations, gives us this Sweet Cuddle pose.  I rezzed the pose balls, decided there was something essential missing, and called for help.  Tali nobly stepped up as per usual.  The pose probably works better, actually, with a male avi in my place, as in the picture.  Though you could no doubt juggle the balls around a bit to suit any taste.

A neat decorative thing, this Victorian Book Trunk from stop 63, EBDesign.  Very fun for a long-standing bookworm like me.

Steampunk Spectacles from number 64, the Ditko University for Builders.  My mother always said that all that reading would be bad for my eyes.

Stop 65, Pestique Furniture, and this Rolltop Desk, with candles and a cute (and definitely Steampunk) chair.  Well-made, looks good, what more can I say?

 Stop 66, Timeless Textures, and the "Romancing the Steam" texture pack.  We know, by now, that pictures of boxes are never going to do these things justice.  Let's just concede that and move on.

Yes, that is me and Tali again.  Yes, we are on a flying bathtub, and yes, we are having fun.  This thing is the Cedar Bay TravelTub, it comes from stop 67, Cedar Bay Furnishings, it is fully functional both as a bathtub and a mode of transport, it is free as a Hunt gift till the end of March, and you know you want one, gentle reader, so go and get one right now.  I'll wait.

Stop 68, Bibliotheque de Coeur, gives us this "Poe Recites".  That is Edgar Allen Poe on the cover of a little prim book, and if you touch it, it does indeed recite Poe's poem "El Dorado".  Which is nice.  (Lines of text in chat, I should point out.  Not sound clips or anything.  But still nice.)

Stop 69, ***bacidalucia***, gives us a corset for the ladies and a waistcoat for the gentlemen.  I'm actually wearing the corset in this shot, as this corset doesn't show my boobs.  It's system layer stuff, but it's good system layer stuff.

Stop 70, The Vintage Touch, gives us two garden benches, suitable for sitting upon, one (shown here) with a solo sitter, the other with a couples sitter.  You can have three guesses who I got to try it out with me, and the first two don't count.

And that's it for this installment!  With 126 stops in total along the Hunt, we are now past the half way mark... and plenty of time, dear reader, for you to grab anything that takes your fancy or piques your interest, before the month ends.

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