Sunday, March 30, 2014

All Square

Today is my fourth rezday.  A great many avatars drop out of SL entirely by this age, and of course I was darn near one of them.  So I don't propose to do a retrospective of my SL career or anything.

I do, however, plan to muse a bit on an arithmetical coincidence.  Four is, of course, a perfect square.  So are 49 and 81.  What is the relevance of this?  Simply that my mother's 81st was yesterday, while my younger sister celebrated her 49th earlier this month.  I suppose it can't be that unheard of to have "square" birthdays in the same year as one's parents, but it's not all that common, either.  (It's never happened to RL me - the numbers are wrong, with me being a bit older than my sister.  Which you could have worked out from the way I described her as my younger sister, I suspect.)

I don't know if there's any great cosmic significance to be ascribed to this.  But the coincidence struck me as interesting, and my little blonde brain has been busying itself working out what ages you have to have kids at, for this to happen.  (Entirely academic as far as I'm concerned, I do assure you.)

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